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Wiley Coyote Goes to Town

We were driving south on Highway 101 through Yachats yesterday.  As we drove past the Adobe Resort I saw this coyote standing in the middle of the trees.

coyote in yachats oregon
On the Adobe Resort property

Don quickly flipped a U’y to get a photo.  A subaru also stopped to watch but they had barking dogs in their car.

coyote in yachats oregon
Wanting to cross Highway 101 in Yachats

Wiley looks both ways and waits to cross Highway 101.

coyote in yachats oregon
Healthy-looking coyote

But he doesn’t like the attention or the barking dogs.

coyote in yachats oregon
Crow thinks he chased Wiley away

I think I heard the crow say, “Yeah!  You better run!”

Yachats Agate Festival 2014

We had to drop in on the Agate Festival in Yachats today.  There’s more tomorrow so check out the notice if you’re in town:


There were SO many beautiful agates and things made from agates.  We got lots of ideas!

We didn’t buy anything.  I asked “how much for the little turtle earrings?”  When she said, “$75”, I told her “I’d better not touch those.”

Yachats State Park
Junuary on the Oregon Coast

We took advantage of the June-like weather to enjoy the crashing ocean waves.  Okay, it’s really NOT like June on the Oregon Coast because this is colder and sunnier.

But this is as good as a summer day in January.  What a lovely day!

Mother’s Day Out

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the elk cows from the young bulls who haven’t started growing their antlers yet.

47 Roosevelt Elk
47 Roosevelt Elk

But until a couple days ago we’d only seen about a third this many elk since they took off to have their calves.

Tagged Cow
Tagged Cow

But there’s Alllie – my A-3 tagged cow.  She had a calf last year so I’m betting she has one this year too.  They are really skittish of me because I am on foot.  The calves aren’t with them but they aren’t far from the trees.  I’m sure the calves are well hidden and safe and we’ll get to see them in a week or two.  I can hardly wait!

Whale Spout Near Devil's Churn
Whale Spout Near Devil’s Churn

A tell-tale sign that there’s a whale, is a group of people parked on the side of Hwy 101, with cameras trained on the ocean close to shore.

2nd Whale - near Devil's Churn
2nd Whale

There were two whales feeding just north of Devil’s Churn, just south of Yachats.

2 Whales Feeding - near Devil's Churn
2 Whales Feeding

We watched them for about 10 minutes and then had to get going.

St Patrick’s Day Agates

Wow!  We got some pretty ones out of this batch of agates gathered from Tillicum Beach over the last year.

Even as busy workampers, we made time to steal away to recharge our batteries.

We've even got some Newport Blue Agates!
We’ve even got some Blue Agates!

Read Wikipedia for the technical definition of an agate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agate

or Webster: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/agate

Petrified Wood
Petrified Wood

Agates are a variety of chalcedony (if you care).

But if I talk about agate hunting, I really mean pretty-rock hunting.

Red Jasper
Red and Brown Jasper – the dark spot is a reflection of the camera lens

 If you can see light through it, it’s some sort of agate.  If you can’t see light through it, might be jasper or petrified wood or obsidian?

There are probably a couple other choices on the Oregon coast too.

White Agate with conchoidal fractures
White Agate with conchoidal fractures

You (or someone) can actually dye agates; which I find really hard to grasp since they are so hard.

They are basically quartz.  The next one looks like a small geode that was completely filled instead of leaving crystals in a hole.

Amber Agate with color bands
Amber Agate with color bands

I like the ones with designs in them.  Sometimes you can’t see the designs unless you hold them up to the sun; or a flashlight works.

Agate - Jasper - Something?
Not Sure what this is

The tan part polished to a high sheen.  The white and black parts are more dull.  But it is an interesting piece.

Wear Your Agate Proudly
Insets with flashlight display

I need a new zipper-pull.  I think I need the one on the lower left to match my jacket.  I’m guessing it’s a green jasper? (for St Patty’s Day)

The photo inserts are flashlight displays of agates on the upper left and lower right respectively.

I thought these demonstrated the most dramatic visual change when backlit.

Blue agates are the big mystery here on the central Oregon coast.  When I first heard about them, they were called Newport Blues.  That’s because they “could only be found in Newport”.  The agate on the lower right looks blue to me, until you put it up to the light.  So, I’m not sure if a purist would deem it worthy of the title?

But I don’t do this for the experts.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Shifting Sands on Oregon Coast

Well, that’s not a very spectacular headline.

I mean, sands shift all the time.  Wind blows it.  Surf moves it.  Rain causes river levels to change which can cause the river’s path to change.

But it still amazes me how fast it can happen.

Big Creek - Tillicum Beach
100 yards of beach lost/gained

There has been a major change in direction at Big Creek over the last week.

Ok, since there are so many creeks by the same name, this is the Big Creek between Beachside State Park and Tillicum Beach Campground on the Oregon coast.

We noticed the change when we crossed the bridge.  You used to see it go almost straight out to the ocean from the bridge.  Now it curves directly to the south and disappears.  So I had to take a look from the beach today.  Sure enough, it wraps around the curve of the land.  If the rip-rap weren’t there, a property-owner would have lost real estate!

Big Creek - Tillicum Beach
Big Creek – moved 3 feet of sand

The ocean moved so much sand onto the beach that it caused the river to find a different pathway.  So it moved south about 100 yards.  The north side of the creek gained that much beach; in front of Arnold’s Beach Haven – Sandy Shores…to put in a plug for a friend.

Mind you there’s 8 miles of sandy beach between Waldport and Yachats and, to my knowledge, this is the only creek you’d have to ford to cover it all.  Tillicum Beach Campground sits midway.  So now if you need a longer walk from the campground, walk south.

High tide was 8.8 today and we’ve had slightly minus tides.  But I think it’s the storms that do more to move the sand than the tides do?


Tillicum Beach Agates

They almost look delicious, don’t they?

Tillicum Beach Agates
Agates Ready to Polish

These agates were gathered from Tillicum Beach, in front of Tillicum Campground, between Waldport and Yachats, central Oregon coast.

We gathered them over a year before we started to polish them.

Oregon Coast – Last Day of 2012

Just a quick jaunt between Tillicum Campground, near Yachats, and Sutton Campground, near Florence.

Yesterday was bright and sunny and today it’s cloudy again.  But we didn’t get rain showers until after noon.

A perfect day on the Oregon Coast and a perfect end to 2012.

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