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Yachats Beach at Sunset

I was driving Don crazy so he finally got me my beach/sunset fix!

Playin' on Yachats Beach
Playin’ on Yachats Beach

We went to Yachats and walked down to the river from the south parking area.

Sand Art - Flower
Sand Art – Flower

Don brought his rake to experiment with crop circles.

Sand Art - Bird Head
Sand Art – Bird Head

…only cooler…

Sand Art - Fish
Sand Art – Fish

Of course he had to do a fish.

Yachats Beach at Dusk
Yachats Beach at Dusk

It was a little cooler than yesterday.

Sunset on the Waves
Sunset on the Waves

But another beautiful day, nonetheless.

Sunset Wafers
Sunset Wafers

I like how the horizon distorts the shape of the sun.