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Workamping for Fun

I found this post in my Drafts from a couple years ago.  I guess I’d decided not to post it on the grounds that it may incriminate me (ie, it may reveal my frustration).  But the frustrations are short-lived and now it’s just funny so I’m posting it:

Excerpts from our week of workamping:

Got this call late last night.

Camper:  “I’m in site 30. My car battery is dead.”  (The site has been changed to protect the ignorant.)

Area Manager: “What campground are you in?”   (We manage ten of them.)

Camper:  “Uh… I’m not sure.”

Area Manager: (We knew where they were by the site number.  We were just making them pay for waking us up.)  “I need to know what campground you are in.”

Camper:  “Hey!  What campground are we in?  Oh, Sutton.”

Area Manager:  “Now what is the trouble?”

Camper:  “My car battery is dead and I need to go to town to buy firewood.  Can you give me a jump start?”  (mind you, we sell firewood in the campground)

Area Manager:  “I’m not going to wake up my manager for that.”

Do you think he thought it was more polite to wake us up for a jump-start than to wake us to buy firewood?  Maybe he’ll be more prepared to camp next time?  And, by the way, why don’t campers carry a hatchet if they aren’t going to buy firewood?

U-turn Sign
U-turn Sign

When does “No U-turn” mean “turn around and go back”?

I am always surprised to see people try to make a U-turn right here in front of the sign.

Black Bear Running

Black Bear Running reminds me of Dead Man Walking.

My love for watching wildlife has led me to sharing it with family and friends on this blog.  That was probably the biggest draw of workamping to me.  But, as we’ve pretty much stayed in one place for a few years, I’ve wondered if some hunters now use the internet as a new way of stalking their prey?  That’s why I try to be careful not to indicate exactly where I see the game.  I’m not opposed to hunting.  I believe God put animals on earth to sustain us.  I do think it needs to be managed, though, and it seems like the Wildlife Management agencies are doing a pretty good job of it through hunting licenses and monitoring herd sizes, etc.  If it weren’t managed, the irresponsibles would prevail and waste the meat.  As with anything, it only takes a few idiots to create the need for a “rule” or law to be enacted.

black bear
Black Bear

That said, I’d hate to be the one who points out a target to a hunter because I wouldn’t get to watch it anymore.  …unless that wildlife is threatening my life – then I’m happy to finger it!