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Diving Duck?

At first I thought this was a mallard hen.  But I’ve never seen a mallard dive underwater and swim.  This one dove several times in the tidewater of the Alsea River.  Watch the video and tell me if you think this is a mallard.  A still photo of her is below the link to the video.

Mallard Hen Diving – Video

mallard hen?
Mallard Hen?

And I love the colors on the Wood ducks!

Wood Duck Couple
Wood Duck Couple

Wildlife are Resourceful

I’m pretty sure these are some young wood ducks starting to get their colors.  The blue feathers and the white around the eye that trails off like eyeliner are especially pretty.

Young Wood Ducks
Young Wood Ducks

The elk are starting to graze on apples and wild blackberries now.  They can reach further than I can.

elk in blackberries
Elk grazing in wild blackberries

Why is it that we can’t get a sunflower to grow in fertile soil but if a chipmunk plants it…

Sunflowers planted by chipmunk

Maybe they have magic spit?

Wood Ducks and Bear Bait

The bears are going to be happy this fall!  We’ve got lots of apple blossoms.

Stellar Jays on Apple Tree
Stellar Jays on Apple Tree

The wood ducks made an appearance this afternoon.  It looks like the male on the left is a young one just coming into his breeding colors.  Maybe still living with Mom and Dad until he gets through this awkward stage?

Wood Ducks in Tidewater
Wood Ducks in Tidewater

The hen stayed closer to the larger male so I’m guessing they are a couple.

Wood Ducks in Tidewater
Wood Duck Couple

Maybe we need to make a nest box.

Ripe Blackberries on the Alsea River

These Wood Ducks know what to do at high tide!

[youtube http://youtu.be/YKyvOrt2Jh8]

Looks like they found a treasure trove of blackberries.  Too bad they can’t jump higher.  Nobody else is going to eat them.

wood duck drake
Wood Duck Drake

I had no idea that ducks ate berries but other birds do so why not!

Wood Ducks on the Alsea River

Wood Ducks are the most colorful ducks I’ve seen on the Alsea River.

drakes and hen wood ducks
Wood Ducks

Wood ducks like swamps and slower moving water.  This part of the Alsea is affected by tides.  So when the tide is lower, the edges are kind of swampy.  Of course the drakes are the most colorful; with the beautiful orange eyes.  But the hen’s white markings around her black eyes are also striking.


Wood Ducks in the Siuslaw

I thought these were harlequin ducks at first.  But I did a little research and found that they are wood ducks.

Wood Duck Harem
Wood Duck Harem

These wood ducks are common in the Siuslaw National Forest rivers.

Wood Duck - 2 Males
Wood Duck – 2 Males

These males are in their breeding plumage now.

Wood Duck Harem - closeup
Wood Duck Harem – closeup

The females even have some of the iridescent green on their wings.  It reminds me of the traditional, human, formal attire; where the woman is the colorful one and the man has a touch of the same color on his clothing….just so everyone knows who goes together!

Wood Duck Females
Wood Duck Females

As they were swimming up the tidewater area of the Alsea River, the females would take a detour.  Maybe they are looking for a good nesting area?  A few of them strayed up onto the bank, softly quacking to each other.

Learn more about the Wood Ducks here: http://www.birdweb.org/birdweb/bird/wood_duck

Blackberry Campground is a great place to observe wildlife on the Alsea River!