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Butterflies, Dragonflies and the flowers that attract them

We’ve got a few wildflowers to attract the birds and butterflies.  I don’t know what most of them are.  I think the ones I enjoy most are the ones that are not so obvious.  They are like a hidden treasure when I stumble upon something I haven’t previously noticed.  Look at these adorable little blue flowers!  The flower isn’t even as big as my little fingernail.

blue, yellow and white wildflowers
Tiny wildflowers

The Western Swallowtail butterfly is such a busy little thing!  I haven’t seen one land yet!  It’s really hard to get a focused photo of a butterfly when they won’t sit still.

Western Swallowtail
Western Swallowtail

A dragonfly’s head is almost all eyes.  I just read, this morning, about dragonflies:  A funny fact is that the dragonfly has 6 legs but cannot walk.  Dragonflies have up to 30,000 facets in each eye, with a 360 degree view, but they can’t see details very well.  Humans can see better than a dragonfly but only to the front and side.

Male, Whitetail Skimmer dragonfly

This is a male, Whitetail Skimmer dragonfly.  The female’s body is brown instead of white.

Wild Bearries

The salmonberries are the first to come on – and they’re here!  I like them a little bit riper though.

Mouthwatering Salmonberries

I see a new white wildflower and zoom in.  I thought the brown things were the seed tops of grass.  But they are actually flowers too.

It’s amazing what you can see if you take the time to look closely (metaphor alert!  I don’t have to spell it out for you, do I?).

2 Wildflowers - white and brown
2 Wildflowers – white and brown

I don’t know what kind of ferns these are but they grow like grass.

We have tall, spindley, ferns

Then we have the ones that grow in clumps.

We have clumpy ferns that unfurl

I like the curly ends and the way they unfurl in the spring.

Elk Track?
Elk Track?

So I’m wandering around looking for more wildflowers…

Who did this?!
Who did this?!

…and see this!  Where are my scat experts?  Would you say bear?  It is definitely NOT elk.

Well, actually, after a little research I found out that if elk have a rich diet they can poop a pie too.  Since I didn’t see any bear tracks, I’m thinking this has to be an elk pie.