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Diving Brown Pelicans

Some old friends are back on the Central Coast.

Well, the Seagulls never leave

But loons are not as common.  I’m not sure what kind of loon this is though.

loon - alsea bay waldport oregon
Weather Loon says it’s raining

Brown Pelicans are fun to watch as they dive so clumsily into the Alsea Bay.

[youtube http://youtu.be/iQ7ZsnlGK8Y]

Alsea Bay, Waldport, Oregon

I went out at sunset in hopes to see the Supermoon rise over the Alsea Bay.  The eastern sky was covered by clouds so I focused on the sunset.

red sunset
Red Rubber Ball

The sun sets pretty far north in August.  It still amazes me how much it changes from summer to winter.  In the winter the sun will set at the mouth of the bay.

sunset over KOA
Taken from the archway on the Alsea Bridge

Here’s a view of the sleepy little town of Waldport from the archway on the Alsea Bridge.

Waldport from Alsea Bridge
Waldport from Alsea Bridge

The cormorants were resting on the underside of the bridge.  You can tell by the white poop that they nest above this area.  There were other cormorants hanging out but this one had something on his back that I wanted to get a closer look at.  There were about 5 dead cormorants there too.  I assume that’s common?

cormorant with lure
Anyone missing a lure?

I didn’t want to give up on the moonrise too soon; in case it surprised me by popping through the clouds.  So I crossed over to the east side of the bridge.  No seals on the sandbar, just evidence of their haulout.  But something caught my eye and I had to go investigate while I watched the sky change.

green bike
Looks like this Green Bike needs a rescue!

Waldport has a Green Bike program.  This one looks like it has a twisted back tire but, otherwise, might be salvageable if someone can get out to the sandbar at low tide.

Alsea Bay Bridge after sunset
Alsea Bay Bridge after sunset

Time to call it a night.  I’m sad the moon didn’t show up but happy to see the sunset with all its beautiful colors.

Pop! Goes the Harbor Seal!

If you’ve ever been 9 months pregnant, I’m sure you can relate to this mama seal.  She just cooled off in the Alsea Bay and now she’s warming up in the sun.

Pregnant Harbor Seal
Pregnant Harbor Seal

I saw lots of new seal pups last Friday.  A lot of them were out of good range for my zoom lens.  An eagle came and sat on the beach for quite a while too.

harbor seals, pups and eagle
From the Alsea Bay Bridge, looking east

There were 3 or 4 pups close to the bridge.  They usually stick close to their moms.  Although I saw one swimming alone and wanted to warn him of the dangers.  When they swim with their moms, they nuzzle up to their moms often.  It reminds me of seeing young children in a grocery store with their moms; hanging onto her clothes or her leg.   When the seals are floating on the surface, the moms often tilt their head back.  I’ve seen them do it even when they are alone.  But when they have a pup, her baby kisses her nose.

harbor seal mom and pup
Seal mom and pup touch noses

Seals are much more comfortable moving in the water than on land.  Sea Lions can use their hind flippers to help move them on land but seals cannot.  This pup looked like he felt so free being in the water.  Click on the photo to enlarge it and you can see its umbilical cord!  One source says this indicates the pup is less than 10 days old.

harbor seal mom and pup
Pups just wanna have fun!


Nesting Canada Geese

The Canada Geese are back on the Central Oregon Coast!

Canada Geese on Alsea River at Eckman Lake
Marsh on Alsea River at Eckman Lake

We like watching them gather in the marshy grass flats on the river side of Eckman Lake near Waldport.

Canada Geese in tall grass
Tall grass is good for nesting

There’s lots of food and easy access to slow-moving water; good for teaching the kiddos to swim.  And the grass is tall enough to hide the nest.

Canada Geese in tall grass
Peek-a-boo or Whack-a-goose

In fact, its tall enough to hide Mom and Dad in.  Who knows how many geese are in there!

Knee Deep

When the Alsea River is running fast and high the ducks rest in field puddles.

field puddle with ducks
Field Puddle

In addition to mallards we’ve seen mergansers and scaups.  It’s not a very deep puddle. They are probably walking instead of paddling.

We’ve wondered if the diving ducks get their pointy bill stuck in the ground when they dive.  🙂

mallards in field puddles

These heron are usually on dry ground in Lint Slough, in Waldport, Oregon.  But with some good rains and high tides last week they were wading in the water.

Herons on Lint Slough
Herons on Lint Slough

Some found a dry patch.

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

Their colors seem more vibrant than usual.  Maybe it’s their breeding plumage?

Great Blue Heron - Lint Slough
Heron showing his colors

One of my favorite workamping benefits is observing the local wildlife.


Santa’s Sleigh

It’s not red and it’s pulled by horses, not reindeer.  But it sounds like it’s jingling when the handcuffs on the shifter rattle.  lol

Donations to Waldport H.E.L.P
Donations to Waldport H.E.L.P.

Our stake membership has been donating to various South Lincoln County programs all year.  We have been blessed to provide logistic support for some of these donations.  Today we got to deliver clothing, bedding and toys to the Waldport H.E.L.P.  (Homeless Education and Literacy Project)

Thanks to all the Wards in Corvallis, Philomath, Newport and Waldport Branch for your generous donations and the beautiful handmade items!  Senitila McKinley (Waldport HELP) assured me they are needed and are greatly appreciated.

This year there were 535 homeless students enrolled in the Lincoln County schools.  Some children are teens who couch-surf, other children are living with parents in a tent or leaky trailer.  There are many reasons a family can become homeless.  Contact a local HELP Center to get involved: Lincoln City, 541-996-4878; Newport, 541-574-5824; Toledo, 541-4357; and Waldport, 541-563-8584

Want to do something for them for Christmas?  Let them enjoy shopping too.  Donate a gift card or certificate from local stores that provide shoes, clothing, blankets, household and hygiene items, school supplies, restaurants, entertainment and toys!  http://oregoncoastdailynews.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/homeless.jpg

Yes, it IS better to give than to receive!

Community is for the birds

My first thought about “community” was church because wherever we travel to workamp, we feel so at home when we attend church.

Ordinances are the same, lessons are the same, the spirit is the same.  But I don’t have a current photo and it’s a “photo challenge”.   Soooo….

These ducks live in a community on Eckman Lake, near Waldport, Oregon.

Ring-necked Ducks, Coots
Ring-necked Ducks, Coots

There were at least 4 or 5 different kinds of ducks that we could identify on this icy day.

Hundreds feeding keep the ice open
Hundreds feeding keep the ice open

By working together, they keep the ice from freezing over the whole lake.

American Wigeon, Gadwalls
American Wigeon, Gadwalls

There were smaller groups in different places and they’d fly or walk from one place to another.  It reminded me of going to Crystal Hot Springs, Utah, in the winter 🙂  We’d walk quickly from the dressing room to the hot pool.

Wood Duck
Wood Duck on the fringe

This duck seemed to be a loner.  But then suddenly he joined the group.  He decided to go see what all the fuss was about.