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Tagged Turkey Vulture

BC (or Butch Cassidy as I like to call him) is back again this summer.

turkey vulture
Tagged Turkey Vulture

We first saw Butch in June last year.  We’re sure he was here earlier this summer but we couldn’t confirm his tag until he landed in the farmer’s freshly mown field.  We could see a vulture in flight with a red tag but I couldn’t see the tag letters.  He hatched in 2011, tagged in 2012 and this is the 2nd summer we’ve seen Butch.  We reported the sighting to the USGS Bird Banding Laboratory to help them track the vultures for their research.

This video shows a turkey vulture that finds a dead mouse and Butch is at the end.

Bird Banding

I was given this website for reporting the tagged vulture, or any bird and any kind of tag or band: http://www.pwrc.usgs.gov/bbl/

Turkey Vulture - wing tag BC
Turkey Vulture Meeting

I reported the sighting of this turkey vulture and found out it hatched in 2011 and was tagged on June 6, 2012, on the south Washington coast: Tagging Location

So this one hasn’t gone too far.  Google Maps doesn’t have an as-the-crow-flies feature.  But, as-the-person-drives, the vulture is now 220 miles south of where it was tagged a year ago.

The Birds and the Bees Minus the Bees

Let me tell you ’bout the birds and the bees…

Turkey Vulture - Red Tag on (BC) Right Wing
Turkey Vulture – Red Tag (BC) on Right Wing

I’ll find out more about Turkey Vulture BC but in the meantime click here to read about tagging vultures in Venezuela.

and the flowers and the trees…

Gold Finch Couple Camoflaged in Tree
Gold Finch Couple Camoflaged in Tree

and the moon and a bug …

I'll arm wrestle you for the 1 bug!
I’ll arm wrestle you for the 1 bug!

Okay so I changed the words to the song.  But I don’t have a photo of the moon today and had to work in the crawdad photo.

We left him in the cage til he calls friends and family for a pot luck dinner.

Warning:  The next photo may not be suitable for children.

And a thI-ng called lo-O-ove

Flicker Love
Flicker Love

Sorry, but after the 3rd Flicker couple stopped to use our tree, I had to take a photo.  Besides, one observation is an oddity, twice is notable, the third makes it a study. 🙂

Harbor Seal Mom and Pup
Harbor Seal Mom and Pup

Say hello to the new generation of Harbor Seals in Alsea Bay.

Seal Pup Kisses
Seal Pup Kisses

I wonder if seal puppy breath smells as sweet as dog puppy breath?

Seal Snuggles
Seal Snuggles

This is my favorite.  It’s the same look on a human parent’s face when they look at their sweet little baby.  You know, before they turn 2. 🙂

Seems like a good time to share a friend’s child-rearing philosophy:

Babies are adorable.  But when they turn 2, put them in a box with holes in it.

Then, when they turn 13, fill in the holes.

My thought: If you do not take the first step (with the box), there’s no turning back and you deserve everything you get.