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I know I don’t have the highest vocabulary but I don’t usually have to look up the word for the Weekly Photo Challenge…until today.

It’s juxtaposition.  So here’s my photo:

out of tiny cones grow mighty trees

I was stuck at the computer for most of the day; keeping an eye out for any wildlife to chase after with my camera.  There was an eagle but he flew by too fast.

Common Merganser
Common Merganser

When I finally walked outside I couldn’t come back in!  It was almost 60 degrees today!  I heard it was 70 on the beach!

Merganser Patterns
Merganser Patterns

The patterns this merganser is making in the water match the patterns on his back.

I went for a walk but the only wildlife I saw were people working in their yards.  Everyone seems to be taking advantage of the June-like weather we’re having in the northwest this month.  We’ll pay for it somehow I’m sure.  Some already are: http://koin.com/2014/01/24/2-wildland-fires-burning-on-oregon-coast/

It’s unusual for the humidity to be this low too.  My gage says 66% but it was lower earlier in the day.

Please be extra cautious with your campfires.

Living Layers

The weekly photo challenge is “Layers”.

I had taken these photos when we were up Fall Creek watching the salmon spawning.  But I hadn’t used them yet.  So this week’s photo challenge is perfect.

Tree Moss Fern

I just love how Oregon grows all these layers of different kinds of plants on top of plants.

Moss grows on the trunk of the tree and ferns grow out of the moss.

layers of growth
Multiple types of moss

I can even see 2 different kinds of moss on this tree (note the different colored patch on the left side of the tree).

Even the moss has layers of colors.  The base is grey and the tips are green.

false cedar
False Cedar?

The way this tree branch was hanging caught my attention; evenly spaced tender branches drape from one end to the other.  The colors are layered on each branch adding to the dimension.

I’ve always thought this was a cedar but I looked it up here and found out that a “true” cedar actually has pine-needle-like needles instead of these overlapping scaley things.  When it didn’t look like any of the true cedar photos I looked at the White Cedar and read about the false cedars.  Then my friend, John (retired Forester), told me it is a Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata).