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Shifting Sands on Oregon Coast

Well, that’s not a very spectacular headline.

I mean, sands shift all the time.  Wind blows it.  Surf moves it.  Rain causes river levels to change which can cause the river’s path to change.

But it still amazes me how fast it can happen.

Big Creek - Tillicum Beach
100 yards of beach lost/gained

There has been a major change in direction at Big Creek over the last week.

Ok, since there are so many creeks by the same name, this is the Big Creek between Beachside State Park and Tillicum Beach Campground on the Oregon coast.

We noticed the change when we crossed the bridge.  You used to see it go almost straight out to the ocean from the bridge.  Now it curves directly to the south and disappears.  So I had to take a look from the beach today.  Sure enough, it wraps around the curve of the land.  If the rip-rap weren’t there, a property-owner would have lost real estate!

Big Creek - Tillicum Beach
Big Creek – moved 3 feet of sand

The ocean moved so much sand onto the beach that it caused the river to find a different pathway.  So it moved south about 100 yards.  The north side of the creek gained that much beach; in front of Arnold’s Beach Haven – Sandy Shores…to put in a plug for a friend.

Mind you there’s 8 miles of sandy beach between Waldport and Yachats and, to my knowledge, this is the only creek you’d have to ford to cover it all.  Tillicum Beach Campground sits midway.  So now if you need a longer walk from the campground, walk south.

High tide was 8.8 today and we’ve had slightly minus tides.  But I think it’s the storms that do more to move the sand than the tides do?


Tillicum Beach Agates

They almost look delicious, don’t they?

Tillicum Beach Agates
Agates Ready to Polish

These agates were gathered from Tillicum Beach, in front of Tillicum Campground, between Waldport and Yachats, central Oregon coast.

We gathered them over a year before we started to polish them.

Frosty Trees

Cold temps and fog made pretty, frosty, trees on Alsea Mountain Pass today.

Frosty Pass - Coast Range
Frosty Pass – Coast Range

A car-picnic at Eckman Lake watchin’ the mallards on the Bay side of the causeway.

Mallards - Eckman Lake
Mallards – Eckman Lake

Crabbers are really workin’ it.

Watchin' the Crabbers from Tillicum
Watchin’ the Crabbers from Tillicum

We saw a couple rafts of sea lions off Tillicum Beach too.

Watchin' the Sea Lions from Tillicum
Watchin’ the Sea Lions from Tillicum

Sunny and Cold at the Beach

Sunshine warms my soul!

2 out of 7 electric sites are filled today
2 out of 7 electric sites are filled today

It got up to 43F today in Tillicum Campground.  With the warm sun out, though, it didn’t feel that cold.

RVs took 2 of the 7 electric/water sites and a camper took a beach overlook site by 3pm.  We have a total of 40 sites available during the winter.

From Tillicum Campground to Yachats
From Tillicum Campground to Yachats

This view is available from sites 17, 18, 26, 29, 30 and 31 in the winter.  In the summer it is also available from sites 41, 43, 44, 44A, 46, 48 and 49.

Come find your own treasure on Tillicum Beach
Big black and round yellow floats were found today

The Area Managers found 2 new floats today!  I’m going for a beach walk to see what I can find.

Easy Pickins on Tillicum Beach
Easy Pickin’s on Tillicum Beach

Lots of small driftwood.  I should have gotten some small pieces but I started picking up styrofoam and plastic and didn’t have room for non-garbage.

Styrofoam and plastic bottles
Styrofoam and plastic bottles

About half of the plastic bottles had Japanese printing on them.  Normal would be one or two but this is tsunami debris from the Japanese 2011 tsunami.

Seagull Turkish Bath
Seagull Turkish Bath

Seagulls like a fresh bath every now and then.  So they spend time in the creek just north of the campground.

Tumbling Time

Time to get started on the agates.

Agate Tumbler
Agate Tumbler

It takes about 4 weeks to go through the whole tumbling process.  One week for each grit and polish.

Agate Bucket
Variety of sizes

Most of our agates and rocks were gathered from Tillicum Beach over the past several years.

We probably won’t polish the really rough ones. They’d be nice to slice but we don’t have a way to do that now.

More Agates
5 gallon bucket – about half full

We’ve got green and red jasper in our collection too.  Some will get tossed out after a week of tumbling.  Others may get tossed after the second week.

It all depends on if they are getting smoother and show potential for a high polished finish.

We’ve got some nice ones in here and I love seeing how they progress.

Vitamin D Day

The sun came out.  I came up with an excuse to go to the beach.  Don’s got his own projects goin’ so he stayed home.

Beach Walk
Beach Walk

I think he knew I’d sneak in a beach walk after I got my work done.


I love watching these little birds.  I think they are Sanderlings.  They chase the waves out and the waves chase them back in.

If the wave catches up to them they fly to a different part of the beach; all the while peeping.

Tillicum Beach Driftwood
Tillicum Beach Driftwood

I passed just two groups of people on my walk.  Tillicum Beach is never crowded.

There are more people in the summertime but I’d never call it crowded (compared to Galveston).


The spindrift was gorgeous today.  And I counted 8 – 10 crab boats.

Crabbers Sunset
Crabbers Sunset

Don also saw me take the camera.  So waiting for the sunset was a given.

Meerkat Moment
Meerkat Moment

We always get a chuckle, while enjoying the sunset, at all the people who stop what they are doing to watch the sun go down.

We call those “meerkat moments” because we look like a bunch of meerkats.  (Google Meerkat)

I’ve often wondered why we’re drawn to watch the sunset.  Beauty, last glimpse of daylight, movement without sound, serenity…

Oregon Coast – Last Day of 2012

Just a quick jaunt between Tillicum Campground, near Yachats, and Sutton Campground, near Florence.

Yesterday was bright and sunny and today it’s cloudy again.  But we didn’t get rain showers until after noon.

A perfect day on the Oregon Coast and a perfect end to 2012.

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