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Kingfisher and Brush Rabbit

Since archery season opened last week I haven’t seen 1 elk!

I still see the black-tailed doe with her spotted twins but not as often.  No one is eating the early apples falling from our trees.

So my focus has turned to birds.

Belted Kingfisher in tree
Find the Kingfisher

Hint:  He’s got a black head, white collar and grey back and he is smack-dab in the middle of the photo.

I hear the kingfisher many times during the day.  He chatters as he flies up or down the Alsea River.  He’ll even land in our nearby tree.  But he is SO aware of his surroundings that I cannot sneak out to get a good photo of him.  This photo is when he landed in a tree 40 yards away.  I saw about where he landed and tried to find him in my lens.  I couldn’t see him until I got it onto the computer.  This is a Belted Kingfisher.  They differ from the Ringed Kingfisher in the color of their belly.

I love watching the kingfishers fish.  Sometimes they hover high above the water and then dive straight down into it to catch their prey.  I’ve also seen them dive in at an angle.  But they aren’t like the eagle or osprey; who don’t seem to break stride when they catch.  Kingfishers go under water and seem to struggle under the weight of their wet feathers to fly off again.  I haven’t tried to get an action shot since this one last June.

King Fisher Dive
King Fisher Dive

Another skiddish critter around here is the Brush Rabbit (I prefer Brush Bunny).  The Brush Bunny is an Oregon native and of the cottontail family.  Some people are convinced that the bunnies seen in Tillicum Campground are pygmy rabbits but those only live in the dense sagebrush areas of southeast Oregon. (reference: http://www.dfw.state.or.us/species/docs/rabbit.pdf)

brush bunny
Brush Bunny

Why did the bunny cross the road?

To get to the other side.

Was that joke funny when it was about chickens?  Or was it because I was 6?

Full Moon Sets Over Tillicum

Just a quicky before we get ready for church…

I’ve been trying to watch for the best time to catch the moonset.  The fog hasn’t cooperated with me though.

Moonset - Big Creek
Moonset – Big Creek

It was cold last night so I knew the skies were clear.  Sure enough, I could see the full moon when I got up at 7am.

It wasn’t low enough on the horizon yet though.  So I walked up to the creek, north of Tillicum Campground, to see if the sunrise would add anything to my photo.

I always like the way the morning light lights up the crests of the waves.  The seagulls like to bathe in the fresh water of the creek.

We’ve got another week of sunshine forecasted!  What a great time to RV the Oregon Coast!

Hooded Mergansers

I found these Hooded Mergansers feeding on the other side of the Hwy 101 bridge.

Don told me what they were as soon as he saw the pic.  They look like a cross between a Bufflehead and a Wood Duck.  🙂

RVing the Oregon Coast

It think we’re getting some smoke from the Sisters wild-fire out here on the Oregon coast.

I can see blue sky above me but the horizons are fuzzy.  Fog doesn’t usually turn the sunrise orange so I’m thinking it is smoke.

Smokey Sunrise
Smokey Sunrise

This is only a 6.1 foot high tide.  The waves haven’t come near the bluff on Tillicum Beach since June.  This pic is just around the corner from the north stairway.

Tillicum Beach - Changing Tides
Tillicum Beach – Changing Tides

Tillicum Campground’s appeal are the beachfront sites.  We try to keep all three loops open as long as we have enough customers to warrant keeping the 3 restrooms clean (this isn’t the only campground we have to provide for).  September is a pretty popular month with the RVers.

Tillicum Campground in September
Tillicum Campground in September

Tillicum Beach Campground is a US Forest Service campground that is open year-round.  We honor the Senior and Access passes.

Tillicum has 7 electric/water sites.  Tillicum is about a mile south of Beachside State Park, between Waldport and Yachats.

Sutton Campground, near Florence, has 20 electric sites and is also open year-round.  All sites are first-come-first-served from Labor Day until May.

Smokey Sunset
Smokey Sunset

Today was beautiful and the smoke produced a beautiful sunset.

Campground Status:

Blackberry (Alsea River, east of Waldport) – open year-round

Tillicum Beach (Hwy 101, between Waldport and Yachats) – open year-round

Cape Perpetua (Hwy 101, south of Yachats) – closed Sept 23, until mid-May 2013

Rock Creek (Hwy 101, north of Washburn State Park) – closed Sept 23, until mid-May 2013

Horse Creek (FR 58, east of Seal Lion Caves) – equestrian facilities open year-round

Alder Dune (Hwy 101, north of Florence) – open year-round

Sutton Campground (Hwy 101, north of Florence) – open year-round

August on Tillicum Beach

I got out on the beach early this morning to catch the minus tide and MAYBE see the sunrise.  It almost looks like the moon because it is so dim.  It’s pretty though; even in grey-scale. 🙂

Foggy Tillicum Sunrise
Foggy Tillicum Sunrise

I got more color when I walked up to the creek.

Big Creek Foggy Sunrise
Big Creek Foggy Sunrise

So, get out of the dreary fog and take a drive down the coast.  Don pointed out this dramatic view of a fog bank.  It is overlooking the Ocean Beach Day Use area.  You can see the distinctive road cut where Hwy 101 passes through.

Fog Bank at Ocean Beach Day Use
Fog Bank at Ocean Beach Day Use

We pulled over at the Heceta Lighthouse overlook too.  Gotta check on the sea lions ya know.

Sealion Snuggles
Sealion Snuggles

I was so excited when I took this shot with my new camera because I could actually see the flippers out of the water!  35x is SO fun!!!

Cormorant Nest
Cormorant Nest

We noticed the cormorants flying in and out of the cove so we watched to see if we could tell where they were landing.  It looked like they were landing on the side of the rock.  So I zoomed in and I could see them feeding their young.  This one is zoomed in to about 63x.  That’s into the digital zoom area.  Not bad, huh?

I think these are the Brandt’s Cormorants.  The adults have a blue throat during breeding season.  I noticed the bright blue in June but couldn’t zoom in enough to get a good pic.  Maybe next year 🙂

Notes from my Workamping Journal:

As workampers in campgrounds we have noticed that August campers, in general, are not the happiest.  We seem to meet more grouchy campers in August.  Our theory is that they are grouchy about their summer coming to an end.  That said, we try to be as accommodating as possible.  We put the Full sign out when we are full.  We get statuses from all our campgrounds and others in the area so we can advise travelers on where to go.

On Wednesday, about 6pm, four 40′ rigs pulled into Tillicum Campground.  They “just needed a site for one night.”  Just then my host walked up.  She looked as panicked as I felt!  They were backed out to the Hwy!  We do have sites that can accommodate that size, but they were long gone by 6pm.  So I picked up the phone to call Cape Perpetua Campground to see if they had room.  Before I could dial, the phone rang and it was Cape P.  She was calling to tell me they had the group site open!  Perfect!  They were happy to all be camping together.  The color came back to our faces as they left the campground.  hahaha

I wish I could have talked to them longer though.  The MH was a Foretravel with Texas plates.  I worked at the Foretravel plant in Nacogdoches,TX, when I was going to college there. 🙂



Beautiful Day on the Oregon Coast

We started out with a light mist/rain overnight and early this morning.

Then the fog began to roll out.

Yaquina Bay
Yaquina Bay

The fog that was left looked like steam rising up from the sand.

Prime location but limited seating
Alsea Bay
Alsea Bay

What a beautiful afternoon!

Curled Starfish
You put your left foot in and you shake it all about

A quick walk on the beach turned up this unusually posed starfish.  He’s almost dead so I brought him home.

Whales from Tillicum Campground
Whales from Tillicum Campground

I came up into the campground and a camper told me they saw a whale.  So I turned and saw him too.  Ran back to grab the camera.  We counted 5 different whales.

Pelicans at Sunset

It was a purdy sunset over the fog bank.




Here Comes “Partly Cloudy”

Another fun thing about camping along the ocean front is watching the weather come across it.

It is clear we aren’t going to get a colorful sunset tonight.  Tomorrow’s forecast is Partly Cloudy.

Black and White Sunset
Black and White Sunset

Almost looks like “fully” cloudy, huh?  I didn’t realize I could see the sun in that pic until I got it onto the computer.  See the white ball through the crescent-shaped cloud?

Cloudy Sunset
Cloudy Sunset

Did you know that you can stare directly at the sun through binoculars or a camera lens and it won’t hurt your eyes?

Notes from my Workamping Journal:

We’ve got a pretty good crowd in Tillicum Campground this weekend.  I can’t believe how many people travel with pets these days.

Most people are good about keeping them on a leash in the campground.  Every once in a while someone thinks they shouldn’t have to; their dog is too old, he’s on voice-command, she’s not aggressive.  It is as much for your pet’s protection as anyone elses.  If another dog attacks yours, and yours is on a leash, you have the leash as a way to pull them apart.

Meeting the campers is another fun part of this job.  Some people want to be left alone and some want to talk.  We aren’t intrusive.  We just smile and wave and let them initiate a conversation.

Waiting for the Green Flash

But the green flash never appeared.

The light sky baited me out to the beach for a nice, although quick, walk this morning.

Tillicum sunrise looking north
Tillicum sunrise looking north

I said “quick” because there was a huge, dark, cloud making its way across the ocean.

Tillicum sunrise from low tide
Tillicum sunrise from low tide

So there was a little bit of color in the sky.  Then it turned a little drizzely.   We got our driving done early so we could spend the sunny afternoon working in Tillicum Campground.

Tillicum Sunset
Tillicum Sunset

It was looking like it would be a great sunset.  So I warned Don that I’d be leaving the table, in the middle of dinner, if there was color in the sky.

Clouds blocking green flash
Clouds blocking green flash

The closer the sun got to the horizon, the more I could see these “tiny” little clouds way out on the horizon.

Tillicum Sunset from Site 31
Tillicum Sunset from Site 31

We were reflecting today on why the friday before Easter is called “Good” Friday.  My first thought was that, if I’d been there I don’t think I would have considered it a good day.  However, apparently “Good” is an interpretation of the word “Holy”.  That day certainly was a holy day for Jesus Christ and all His followers; and it still is…over 2000 years later.  What a gift He has given me in that intercessory prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane.