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Nesting birds at Seal Rock, Oregon Coast

Western Gulls and Cormorants nest on the rocky cliffs on the Oregon Coast.  The gulls are near the top while cormorants like a more risky location.

western gull chicks and adults
Chicks are very well camouflaged

I think seagulls hatch laughing.

western gulls
Western Gulls – HA HA HA ha ha

Cormorant chicks apparently hatch pooping.  If you see streaks of white on the cliffs, look for a nest at the top of the white streak.

Cormorant chicks on the nest
Cormorant chicks on the nest

The Great Blue Heron nests in tree tops but fish in rivers, bays and tidepools.

great blue heron tidepooling
Great Blue Heron like tidepooling for a different reason

I love the contrast of colors on the Pigeon Guillemot: black body, white patch on wings, red legs.

Pigeon Guillemot
Pigeon Guillemot

The mouth lining is also bright red-orange during courting season.  The Pigeon Guillemot is one of the few members of the auk and puffin family to lay 2 eggs.  They also feed in shallower water.

pigeon guillemot
Red mouth and red feet makes it harder to tell when foot is in mouth – which, as we know, can happen a lot during courtship

Tidepools – Central Oregon Coast

Even when I can’t find any starfish I LOVE tidepooling.

tidepool colors
The colors of the plants are so rich!

My sweet hubby took me tidepooling this morning and he’s not even that into it.  I feel so loved!

Seagulls bathing at Seal Rock, Oregon
Seagulls bathing at Seal Rock, Oregon

We went to Seal Rock where, oddly enough, I’ve only seen 2 seals in the 8 years we’ve been here.  It was a gorgeous day!

Giant Green Anemone among various seaweeds (sea lettuce, black pine, etc)
Giant Green Anemone among various seaweeds (sea lettuce, black pine, etc)

Anemones disguise themselves by holding onto shell pieces when they close.

Aggregating Anemones
Aggregating Anemones

It can get pretty windy on the beach but it usually comes up later in the morning or afternoon.  We decided to get an early start and it had to be timed with low tide; of course.

Picnic tables in Seal Rock State Park
Picnic tables in Seal Rock State Park

We parked at Seal Rock State Park which has a clean restroom, picnic tables and paved ramp that goes almost to the beach.  The last 20 feet or so are loose rocks.

Seal Rock State Park beach access
Seal Rock State Park beach access

Can you barely see the seagulls on top of the cliff on the left side of the photo above?

Aggregating Anemones

I got a surprise beach walk this afternoon!  (Bad day for whale-watching in Seal Rock today.)


Just north of Seal Rock is a little wayside that we call Strawberry.  The only sign indicating a name is (as of a year ago) a street sign called Curtis Ave.  It got the “Strawberry” name because the kids could always find wild strawberries around the parking lot.


We found these little treasures in the tidepools nestled in between the rocks in the top photo.

Giant Green Anemones
Giant Green and Aggregating Anemones

The Giant Green Anemones are noticeable first.  But, if you see a tint of pink, look closer to find the Aggregating Anemones.

Aggregating Anemones
Aggregating Anemones

You can even see some of the pink when they are closed.

Aggregating Anemones

They are so delicate and lacy looking.

Aggregating Anemones

When I first looked at the beach I wasn’t sure we’d even see a tidepool.

I sure am glad we took the time to walk and look closer!  We were rewarded with beautiful color to brighten up this gray day on the Oregon Coast.

Cape Perpetua Picture Guides

I love the people we workamp with!  They come from such varied backgrounds.

Tom Bright put together these picture guides, in pdf, when he and wife Cindy worked in Cape Perpetua Campground for the last two summers.

Tom also volunteered as a Tidepool Guide.

Take your pick or download all these interpretive guides for free.  The last one is a complete guide that contains all the others.

The file size is listed on the caption.  Click on the following photos to download the guides:

Cape Perpetua Campground Animals
Campground Animals (939 kb)
Cape Perpetua Campground Berries
Campground Berries (1 mb)
Cape Perpetua Campground Birds
Campground Birds (1.23 mb)
Cape Perpetua Tidepool Animals
Tidepool Animals (1.11 mb)
Cape Perpetua Tidepool Plants
Tidepool Plants (1.29 mb)
Cape Perpetua Picture Guide
Complete Guide (5.97 mb)