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Spindrifts Make Rainbows

It’s funny how we can be just 5 miles inland and not have a hint of the blue skies that were lighting up the coast today!

Rainbow in Spindrift
Rainbow in Spindrift

We had an early morning meeting in Cape Perpetua Campground.  It is closed but we can get some work done in the off-season.

Spouting Horn
Spouting Horn at Cook’s Chasm, Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

I’ve been ocean-deprived lately and I warned my hubby before we left.  “You know it will be a perfect time for photos of the high tide and my camera is fully charged and I have an empty micro-drive and…”  “I know.” He says. 🙂

So I commandeered the driver’s seat and headed to Cook’s Chasm after the work was done.

The Spouting Horn was really shooting high.  And look at all that foam!  The waves were making it all the way up to the little waterfall on the other side of the Hwy 101 bridge.

Thor's Well
Thor’s Well

Thor’s Well was gorgeous today also.  We were early enough that it was still in the shadow of the mountains.

Wave Mist Rainbow
Wave Mist Rainbow

I guess I can’t really call this a spindrift but this mist left a better rainbow.

Yachats Today
Yachats Today

Well, it’s time to head back but I’m draggin’ my feet.  The tide was a little high for this spout on Yachats Beach Rd.  Yachats always looks so pretty across the bay.

December High Tide on Tillicum Beach
December High Tide on Tillicum Beach

This is NOT the time to go for a walk on Tillicum Beach.  Enjoy it from the campground until the tide goes back out a little ways.

Alsea Bay - December High Tide
Alsea Bay – December High Tide

The water was splashing over the seawall today so we stopped in Waldport too.  There was a seal watching me take the photos but I didn’t catch him on camera.

Alsea Bay Bridge - December High Tide
Alsea Bay Bridge – December High Tide

If you’ve only visited Waldport, Oregon, in the summer, you’ve probably never seen this much water in the Alsea Bay.

Stunning Views at Cook’s Chasm

Cook’s Chasm, in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area on the central Oregon coast, is such a beautiful place!

Pull off and park at the overlook, just south of the Cape Perpetua Campground, to see this view.

Now don’t be a wimp, you’ll want to get out of your car and look over the railing.

If you feel like walking, there is a gentle, paved, trail.  Just remember, what goes down must come back up. 🙂

Cooks Chasm
Cooks Chasm

I don’t know what has changed in the ocean over the last week, but the swells are bigger.  That means the waves crashing on the rocks are bigger too.

Walk to the south end of the parking area (maybe 30 steps) to read the interpretive signs and see the ocean focus her rage through the Spouting Horn.

Spouting Horn
Spouting Horn

The sounds dramatize the visual!

Every once-in-a-while I stop to thank God for my hearing. 🙂

Thor's Well
Thor’s Well Splash

There are better photos of Thor’s Well and I will continue to try to capture them myself!  All these photos were taken from the overlook.

The Well is a giant hole in the rocks where the ocean is pushed up through it and creates a circular waterfall as it drains back into the hole.

Thor's Well Waterfall
Thor’s Well Waterfall

The waterfall photo was taken in February.  That was an overcast day on the coast.

Our fall weather is holding out this September.  It must be getting down into the 40’s overnight and maybe up to the low 70’s by the afternoon?

Can you tell I don’t pay that much attention to numbers?

To put it “my”-way:  I wear a heavy coat on my morning beach walks and a light windbreaker in the afternoon.