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Butt-Butt-Butt what about the berries?

Thimble Berries

I’ve only enjoyed a few salmonberries and now the thimbleberries are coming on.  I don’t know if these berries are any good for jams or jellies but their seeds are a lot smaller than salmon or black berries.  They are almost like a strawberry seed.  The berry is not slick like the other berries.  It’s more like the skin of a peach.  They are really tasty though.  The thimbleberries are growing lower on my road so maybe I’ll stand a chance…unless elk eat them

Roosevelt Elk Crossing

Ranchers lose a lot to elk.  He’s constantly repairing his fence.

I looked back at my photos from last year to see when I caught an elk calf and it wasn’t until mid-July.   😦

Bull Roosevelt Elk
Bull Roosevelt Elk

I’ll call him Kink – cuz he has a kink in one of his antlers.  He’s pretty handsome, eh?

Do trophy hunters look for perfect symmetry or do they like a little uniqueness?  I think uniqueness is more attractive.

BUT – they always look like they’re showing off their butts. hahaha

Elk on Manure Pile

Now, what could be tasty in a pile of cow manure?

Oh!  Do you see what I see?

A-3 Tagged Roosevelt Elk
Hi Alllie!

Yup!  There’s A-3!  She’s the only tagged elk I see here in the Alsea River/Tidewater herd.

I look for her every time I see the elk.

Oregon Berry Season

Now that’s something I can sink my tooth into.  These salmonberries are so pretty!  But the orange ones are still a little sour.  Salmonberries begin ripening in late June to early July, depending on the elevation.

Salmonberry - Sour

I only found a couple ripe salmonberries.  The red ones are sweet.  I like them even a little redder than this one.

I had to arm wrestle that spider for this one.  But it was worth the 8 matches. 🙂

Ripe Salmonberry - Sweet
Ripe Salmonberry – Sweet

Horse Creek Campground has lots of salmonberries and thimbleberries.

Flowering Thimbleberries
Flowering Thimbleberries

The thimbleberries are just starting to come on but it seems like they ripen faster than the salmonberries.

Ripening Thimbleberries
Ripening Thimbleberries

That red one is ready to eat.  The thimbleberries remind me of a hollow strawberry.  The flavor is similar and the tiny seeds crunch between your teeth.

Ripe Thimbleberry
Ripe Thimbleberry

They are very delicate.  The berries are easy to squish when you pull them off the plant.

And they almost have a slight fuzz on them, like a peach fuzz.

Salal Berries
Salal Berries

In mid to late-July the Salal Berries ripen.  They taste like a blueberry.  The ones near the salt air of the ocean get a slight salty crust on them; to add a yummy dimension.

Canal Creek Snacks
Canal Creek Snacks

And, of course the blackberries can’t be missed.  There are a couple different varieties of wild blackberries.  Himalayan is one and I think the other is either called Evergreen or Trailing?  You see them covering the roadsides and fields and old cars and houses!  The ones along many of the roadsides are sprayed for weed-control; so don’t eat those.