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Showers in Oregon? Who knew?

Okay, I’d heard it rained a lot in Oregon.  But when I think of “raining a lot” I think of the non-stop, no break in the clouds type of rain.

Although that certainly does happen here, it’s not the norm.  Yesterday it was just showers with peaks of blue sky!

Bray's Point
Bray’s Point

We packed a picnic lunch and headed south to checkout the work that’s been done in the campgrounds.  One of our favorite spots on the central Oregon coast for a “picnic” (ie, sandwich in the truck) and whale watching is Bray’s Point. (Now if this gets too crowded I’m going to stop blogging!)

  That photo is looking north over Bob Creek.  We like Bob Creek for tidepooling and fishing and mussels.

Looking South from Bray's Point
Silvery Surf

Here’s the view to the south from Bray’s Point.  I can see why businesses are named Silvery Surf this or that.

Heceta Lighthouse Overlook
Heceta Lighthouse Overlook

We always stop (if there’s a parking spot) at the Heceta Head Lighthouse overlook just north of Sea Lion Caves.

All the sea lions must have been in the cave yesterday because we didn’t even see any playing in the surf; let alone on the rocks below.

Out of Place

I wanted to be sure to get a walk on the beach today.  So I got up early and headed out to the minus tide and the possibility of an agate bed or float or another beach treasure.

Out there, on the edge of the surf, was a bird.  It looked larger than a seagull and a little darker in color.  The shape looks wrong too.  My camera  is messing up so I wanted to wait until I got closer in case it only worked for a short time.

As I walked closer, I saw it walking and it reminded me of a goose.  But what would a single goose be doing on the beach?

Goose on a beach?
Goose on a beach?

So I had to go investigate.  As I got closer, the bird was moving away from me.  It moved out into the surf.  Maybe it’s a pelican?  hahaha

in the surf
in the surf

Nope!  It’s a Canada Goose.  I wonder where all his friends are?

Surfing Goose
Surfing Goose

Sometimes things just look out of place.  I wonder if he’s confused?

Notes from my Workamping Journal:

We got a report that some moron vandalized a restroom in one of our remote campgrounds.  So we went up to get a look at the damage.  It looked like they started the toilet paper on fire, ripped the handicap handle off the wall, ripped the door off the hinges and broke the window out.  The campground is in the Florence Oregon area.  There were several Forest Service Day Use areas that were damaged the same way last fall.

If anyone has any information about this vandalism, please let me know.

I hope the bears find them!

Vandals are nothing but cowards – they do their damage when no one is around to see them