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Supermoon – Central Oregon Coast

The western sky looked mostly clear around 6pm so we decided to head to Waldport to see if we’d get a shot at the last Supermoon of 2014.

looking east from alsea bay bridge
Maybe the Supermoon will rise right there?

Looks like there’s a very small window of opportunity on the eastern horizon.

foggy sunset
Foggy Sunset

I’m also watching the sunset over my shoulder…

great blue heron alsea bay
Great Blue Heron in the bay

and a couple Great Blue Heron fishing…

harbor seals splashing alsea bay
Harbor Seals splashing

and the seals cavorting.

sunset waldport
Waldport got a little sunset color

The sunset cast a little bit of color.

kayaking alsea bay
Kayaking at Sunset in Alsea Bay

A couple kayakers were taking a sunset cruise but it was becoming evident that I would not see the supermoon from the Alsea Bay Bridge.

alsea bay bridge
Pretty lines of the Alsea Bay Bridge

Back in Tidewater, the supermoon crept over the mountain at 9:10pm.

supermoon sep 2014
Supermoon – Sep 2014

Alsea Bay, Waldport, Oregon

I went out at sunset in hopes to see the Supermoon rise over the Alsea Bay.  The eastern sky was covered by clouds so I focused on the sunset.

red sunset
Red Rubber Ball

The sun sets pretty far north in August.  It still amazes me how much it changes from summer to winter.  In the winter the sun will set at the mouth of the bay.

sunset over KOA
Taken from the archway on the Alsea Bridge

Here’s a view of the sleepy little town of Waldport from the archway on the Alsea Bridge.

Waldport from Alsea Bridge
Waldport from Alsea Bridge

The cormorants were resting on the underside of the bridge.  You can tell by the white poop that they nest above this area.  There were other cormorants hanging out but this one had something on his back that I wanted to get a closer look at.  There were about 5 dead cormorants there too.  I assume that’s common?

cormorant with lure
Anyone missing a lure?

I didn’t want to give up on the moonrise too soon; in case it surprised me by popping through the clouds.  So I crossed over to the east side of the bridge.  No seals on the sandbar, just evidence of their haulout.  But something caught my eye and I had to go investigate while I watched the sky change.

green bike
Looks like this Green Bike needs a rescue!

Waldport has a Green Bike program.  This one looks like it has a twisted back tire but, otherwise, might be salvageable if someone can get out to the sandbar at low tide.

Alsea Bay Bridge after sunset
Alsea Bay Bridge after sunset

Time to call it a night.  I’m sad the moon didn’t show up but happy to see the sunset with all its beautiful colors.