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Big Texas Skies

This has been such a busy and fun Christmas season visiting my amazing parents in Texas.

oak tree against sunset colors
Sailor’s Delight

I’ve had so much fun with them that I’ve neglected taking photos.  As I was outside running a couple errands though, the sunset colors of the big Texas sky caught my attention and I just had to stop.

Christmas trees make great fish habitat in the lake
Christmas trees make great fish habitat in the lake

As long as I had my camera and ditching my duties…I kept clicking…Walmart was selling leftover Christmas trees last week for 2 cents each so we got a baker’s dozen for fish habitat.  If more would have fit in the truck, we would have gotten more.  My brother wanted to know if we tried to talk them down in price. 😉  These will give those bass a reason to hang around.

"The Puzzler" (Norman Rockwell-style)
“The Puzzler” (Norman Rockwell-style)

Mom’s puttering around in the kitchen and Dad’s at the puzzle table.

Moon Rise over Houston County Lake
Moon Rise over Houston County Lake

And a beautiful full moon over the lake while steaks wait for the football game to end.

Goodnight big TX sky!

Alsea Bay, Waldport, Oregon

I went out at sunset in hopes to see the Supermoon rise over the Alsea Bay.  The eastern sky was covered by clouds so I focused on the sunset.

red sunset
Red Rubber Ball

The sun sets pretty far north in August.  It still amazes me how much it changes from summer to winter.  In the winter the sun will set at the mouth of the bay.

sunset over KOA
Taken from the archway on the Alsea Bridge

Here’s a view of the sleepy little town of Waldport from the archway on the Alsea Bridge.

Waldport from Alsea Bridge
Waldport from Alsea Bridge

The cormorants were resting on the underside of the bridge.  You can tell by the white poop that they nest above this area.  There were other cormorants hanging out but this one had something on his back that I wanted to get a closer look at.  There were about 5 dead cormorants there too.  I assume that’s common?

cormorant with lure
Anyone missing a lure?

I didn’t want to give up on the moonrise too soon; in case it surprised me by popping through the clouds.  So I crossed over to the east side of the bridge.  No seals on the sandbar, just evidence of their haulout.  But something caught my eye and I had to go investigate while I watched the sky change.

green bike
Looks like this Green Bike needs a rescue!

Waldport has a Green Bike program.  This one looks like it has a twisted back tire but, otherwise, might be salvageable if someone can get out to the sandbar at low tide.

Alsea Bay Bridge after sunset
Alsea Bay Bridge after sunset

Time to call it a night.  I’m sad the moon didn’t show up but happy to see the sunset with all its beautiful colors.

Yachats Beach at Sunset

I was driving Don crazy so he finally got me my beach/sunset fix!

Playin' on Yachats Beach
Playin’ on Yachats Beach

We went to Yachats and walked down to the river from the south parking area.

Sand Art - Flower
Sand Art – Flower

Don brought his rake to experiment with crop circles.

Sand Art - Bird Head
Sand Art – Bird Head

…only cooler…

Sand Art - Fish
Sand Art – Fish

Of course he had to do a fish.

Yachats Beach at Dusk
Yachats Beach at Dusk

It was a little cooler than yesterday.

Sunset on the Waves
Sunset on the Waves

But another beautiful day, nonetheless.

Sunset Wafers
Sunset Wafers

I like how the horizon distorts the shape of the sun.

having no joy, for they knew no misery

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week was Joy.  I looked at other posts and saw faces of children, nature photos and descriptions of the joy that Christ brings.  I wondered what photo I could post that would exemplify what is joy to me.  I thought of the baby girl looking at her daddy with awe.  Then I thought of the photo our son-in-law sent us when our daughter delivered their stillborn son.  Mama was holding her child tighter than I’ve ever seen her hold anything; staring into his face as she wanted to memorize it forever.  Their joy in their other children was certainly amplified from that experience.  Heaven now holds more joy than we might have imagined it would.

It got me thinking about what joy really is.  Dallin H. Oaks said, “Joy is more than happiness. Joy is the ultimate sensation of well-being.”  I don’t know if that is an uncommon definition but I think a lot of Christians describe it that way because of the peace Christ brings when we focus on Him.  Elder Oaks added, “The opposite of joy is misery.”  Opposition helps me to appreciate the good in my life.  Contrast certainly helps to define whatever it is that is opposite.  I’m just glad that it doesn’t take much misery for me recognize joy.

Green Flash at Yaquina Bay
Green Flash at Yaquina Bay

I’ve said before, I’ve never appreciated the sun so much as I have after living in Oregon where I can go for weeks without seeing it.  Even when it is not cloudy, a mountain (mostly) hides it from my home during the winter months.  While that may not be pleasant, it is a far cry from true misery.  I’m not saying I want to experience true misery so I can experience true joy.   I’m satisfied with the trials I’ve had and I trust that I won’t be given anything I can’t handle.

We happened to be driving down Hwy 101 this evening just before sunset.  So we (and about 30 other people) pulled into Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.  In typical meerkat fashion, we lined the edge of the parking lot watching the colors change, wondering if we’d be rewarded with a green flash.  Some silently watched alone, others were arm-in-arm with a loved one.  Parents tried to help children hold their attention on the slow-moving sun.  We were rewarded even though I didn’t capture the best of the green flash on camera.

sunset at Yaquina Bay
After the sunset

But once the sun set, the real show began.  Colors slowly changed from yellow, orange and blue to pink and purple and it lasted and lasted.

So there it was; a few moments of peace and tranquility.  It lasted as long as I was still and watched and took it all in.  And now I have the memory to reflect on and to contrast.  “men are, that they might have joy.” (2 Ne. 2:25.)    He created us to have joy!   I think this is one area where balance is not required.  It only takes a short burst of pain to help me appreciate feeling good for a long time.

References:  2 Nephi 2:23-25;   Dallin H Oaks article:  October 1991 General Conference

Wow – I hope the next photo challenge isn’t as thought-provoking!

Happy New Year!

Vitamin D Day

The sun came out.  I came up with an excuse to go to the beach.  Don’s got his own projects goin’ so he stayed home.

Beach Walk
Beach Walk

I think he knew I’d sneak in a beach walk after I got my work done.


I love watching these little birds.  I think they are Sanderlings.  They chase the waves out and the waves chase them back in.

If the wave catches up to them they fly to a different part of the beach; all the while peeping.

Tillicum Beach Driftwood
Tillicum Beach Driftwood

I passed just two groups of people on my walk.  Tillicum Beach is never crowded.

There are more people in the summertime but I’d never call it crowded (compared to Galveston).


The spindrift was gorgeous today.  And I counted 8 – 10 crab boats.

Crabbers Sunset
Crabbers Sunset

Don also saw me take the camera.  So waiting for the sunset was a given.

Meerkat Moment
Meerkat Moment

We always get a chuckle, while enjoying the sunset, at all the people who stop what they are doing to watch the sun go down.

We call those “meerkat moments” because we look like a bunch of meerkats.  (Google Meerkat)

I’ve often wondered why we’re drawn to watch the sunset.  Beauty, last glimpse of daylight, movement without sound, serenity…

Antelope Island Sunset

We’ve had beautiful weather while in northern Utah.  Don called my attention to the sunset the first night, well actually, as we were landing.

Antelope Island Promontory Reflection
Promontory Reflection from Antelope Island

If we had driven across eastern Oregon and southern Idaho to get here it would have been snowing all the way.  We decided to head out to Antelope Island for the sunset.   There is not a whisp of wind tonight.

Antelope Island Chukar
Chukar at the Visitor Center

Our kids have us to thank for the great weather.

Antelope Island Bison
Antelope Island Bison

We barely got to the Visitor Center before the sun went down.  Chukars greeted us with their chuckaring sounds and we saw about a dozen buffalo from the hill.

Antelope Island Sunset Wasatch Reflection
Wasatch Reflection from Antelope Island

This photo is looking back across Davis County to the Weber Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains.  Like much of the west, this year, northern Utah has seen little rain or snow yet.  The mountains are bare of snow.  We heard the fall colors were beautiful and all that’s left is a few patches of yellow.

Antelope Island Sunset
Antelope Island Sunset

It’s been a while since I’ve seen mountains on the other side of a body of water.

Antelope Island Chukar UFO
Chukar Watching the UFO at Sunset

As I was photographing the chukar at sunset, I noticed a dark spot in the sky that wasn’t moving.

Antelope Island UFO Closeup
UFO Closeup

So I zoomed in and could see that it is a blimp!  I didn’t know they still used those?

Antelope Island Sunset Colors
Colors Get Brighter After Sunset

The sunset colors just kept getting more vibrant.  We saw cotton-tailed bunnies, a coyote walk in front of a bison and even a couple antelope after dark; the whole Antelope Island food chain!

Antelope Island Moon Sunset
Crescent Moon Over Antelope Island

That was a successful trip to Antelope Island!  We made the mistake  (ONCE) of camping here in the spring when the brine flies were thick.  BLECKkk!  But this time of year would be fun and there are quite a few RV’s out here for Fall Break (or UEA weekend as we used to call it).

I have a funny memory of driving across the Antelope Island Causeway from when our oldest son was learning to drive.  Don was out of town for a couple days and you know you can’t miss a day of practice at that age.  So I took him out to Antelope Island.  Not much traffic out there and I’d never been out with him before.  He did good but I wasn’t ready to take it to the next level yet.  When he asked to drive all the way home, I said “No, maybe the next time.”  Or maybe I just said “No”?   So, in order to lengthen his time behind the wheel, he slowed down to about 5 mph for the 4 mile trip across the causeway.  It was adorable!  You know, in the way that only a silent-stand of a teenager can be.  hahaha

Windy West Coast Day

It’s been a little breezy the last couple days on Tillicum Beach.   Beautiful days though!

Sunset from Tillicum Site 18
Sunset from Tillicum Site 18

There weren’t any clouds to add to the sunset so I picked a campsite overlooking the beach.

Maybe I can catch the moonrise right after sunset.  I walked straight out to the wet sand to get out of the blowing sand as soon as possible.

Seagulls Hunkered Down
Seagulls Hunkered Down

I walked up the beach to the creek; hooded wind-breaker jacket cinched down around my face.  Camera tucked inside my jacket so it didn’t get sand blasted.


It was getting too dark to take photos and the moon still wasn’t in sight.  The wind was jostling me around so I couldn’t focus in the low light.

So I just walked back down the beach to the campground and crawled back into my warm little 5th wheel. 🙂