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When it rains

Well, the river DID get a little higher than expected but it is going down now.

Alsea River Graph - near Mike Bauer Wayside
Alsea River Graph

So, what do Oregonians do when family visits and they’re getting cabin-fever from the rain?  They take them to the Hatfield Marine Science Center!

octopus tank
Center of attention

Sasha the octopus is the attention-getter.  (I spelled her name wrong because this is how they pronounced it: Sasha)  She’s not always this active; especially after lunch.

Octopus - Sasha - Hatfield Marine Science Center
Vent blows up her skirt

They say she likes to sit over the vent.

Octopus - Sasha - Hatfield Marine Science Center
She’s O-K

In scuba-speak, raising your arms over your head in the shape of an O means you are OK.  You can’t use a thumbs-up because that means you’re surfacing.

Octopus - Sasha - Hatfield Marine Science Center
Look her in the eye

Ever look into the eye of an octopus?  They are such odd looking creatures.   An octopus mates once in her life, lays 50,000 eggs, hatches them and then dies shortly after they hatch.  Only 2 of those young survive to adulthood.

Whale burp info
No such thing as a whale burp 😦

Whale burp myth busted!

We probably spent a couple hours there.  There is SO much to see and touch and play with!

seal rock - big waves
First Big Storm – Seal Rock

A break in the rain at Seal Rock and we had to get some pix of the big waves from the first Fall storm on the Oregon Coast.

Grateful for a dry home

Some animals don’t care about keeping dry.

Rain Storm on Alsea River
First Fall Storm

But I, for one, am SO grateful for 4 walls and a roof  that keeps me dry and warm on days like this.

Alsea River Graph
From station just west of Mike Bauer Wayside, Alsea Hwy

The river raised 6 feet in less than 24 hours.  But this is still low enough that it is fun to watch.

Small Floating Dock on Alsea River
Our Dock

There’s a lot of mud in the river today.  What do you bet the salmon are making time?

Wood Ducks
Wood Ducks

Yesterday the wood ducks came to visit.  I am also grateful for a deck with a roof so I can stay dry while enjoying the wildlife on the river.

Wood Duck

These wood ducks are in their Sunday Best all week long!