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Hope, ID, to White Bird, ID, along Hwy 95

We took off from Sam Owen Campground, near Hope, at about 10:45am.  Took Hwy 200 west to Sandpoint, then 95 south.  It was raining or overcast all day.  Not a bad drive day but no opportunities for pix.  It was mostly rolling hills of farmland until we got to Lewiston.  Then we started seeing some canyons.  Then we hit the 7% grade.  We survived that one without hot brakes.
Riverfront camping near White Bird, ID
Riverfront camping near White Bird, ID

The Snake River carved out Hells Canyon, “North America’s deepest river gorge”.  We are camped in Swift Water RV Park on the Salmon River.  The Salmon joins the Snake River just north of Hells Canyon.  Getting down to the riverfront camping took another 7% grade.  Our Escapees membership gets us 15% off at all 3 of these RV parks on the Salmon River near White Bird.  We chose Swift Water because it said “real riverfront camping”.  It was the last one down the hill.  Our brakes were hot by the time we pulled in.  The entrance of the park is a sharp turn.  It’s a good thing there was a large pull-out area across the road from it so we could get a better angle at it.  We pulled in at 4:45pm.

Swift Water RV is a pretty little park; very clean, no extra charge for the dump or showers.  $23 for electricity and water.  It’s a reasonable rate.  However, when we showed them our Escapees membership card, there was no discount.  We were tired – our brakes were hot – it was getting dark – it was starting to rain again – we were in no mood to argue.  So, he got advertising in Escapees and doesn’t have to pay for it – we did.  We travelled 252 miles today.  That’s too long for leisurely travel!

The park owner said the salmon season was outstanding this year.  But he said the steelhead fishing is non-existent so far.  The weather has been too warm so the fish are holding until the water cools.  What will likely happen is that it will cool off quickly and all the fish will come up in 3 or 4 days.  So there will be a very short steelhead season.