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Alsea River Steelhead Fishing

These Buffleheads are the fishing experts.


The Alsea River is clear and low right now.

Alsea River - Feb 15, 2013
Clear and Low

This is just at the end of the tidewater.

Beautiful day on the Alsea River
Beautiful day on the Alsea River

You’ve got to be really sneaky to fish in this crystal clear river!

Drift Fishing the Alsea River
Drift Fishing the Alsea River

This drift fisherman is fishing the deep holes.

Check out this video for some winter steelhead fishing tips on the Alsea River from OregonSteelheader: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAXghZHWFR8

Stop to Smell the Wildlife

If I’m going to oogle at the wildlife, on our way to church, I need to start out earlier.

Bald Eagle
The Eagle Has Landed!

It’s not MY fault a bald eagle landed across the river from our house!  It IS, however, Don’s fault for telling me about it.

He’s feeling under the weather so he wasn’t going with me.  But that didn’t mean he was going to take the photos.  hahaha

snap, snap, snap, snap, gotta go – I’ll look at them later!

Bald Eagle eyeing the river
Bald Eagle eyeing the river

The eagle looked up and down that clear Alsea River.

If looks could kill
Bald Eagle eyeing our backyard birds and chipmunks

Uh oh!

Tidewater Elk
The fence is to keep the elk out, not in

I have gotten into a pretty good habit to pack my camera with me everywhere.

However, I specifically do NOT take my camera with us to church, for this very reason:  I’d be late everytime.

Life is full of hard choices.  We have to strike a balance. 🙂

Elk Huddle
Elk Huddle

I was pleasantly surprised, though, when the herd was still there when I came home today.  (By the way, I was on time.)

It’s not often that they are within walking distance from our house so I was anxious to walk back with my camera.  I really didn’t want to take time to eat lunch but I asked Don if he felt like eating anything.  He first said, “No”, but then changed his mind.  So I fixed myself a sandwich and he looked at me like I’d deserted him.  Then I remembered he’d wanted soup. 🙂  As I said, I was a little distracted by those elk.  So we finished lunch and I ran off to see if I could sneak up on the elk.  They startled as soon as they saw me.  I don’t know if it was me or the sound of the boat in the river or both that made them get up and move.  Next time I’ll wear my camo, instead of chartreuse, coat.

Steelhead Fishing in Alsea Tidewater
Steelhead Fishing in Alsea Tidewater

The Alsea has been at a nice level and color for fishing for about a week now.

Tidewater Ripples
Alsea tidewater at a great level for steelhead fishing

It’s nice to see the ripples back.  They disappear, of course, when the water is high.

I’m enjoying it for now because I know the other rainboot will eventually drop.