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Becoming Comfortable with Beauty

Last week’s SS lesson talked about gaining knowledge. The teacher asked “why do you think it is important to ‘read out of the best books’ ?” He pointed out that the scriptures are The best books and we should read from them daily.  But there are others that we should also read.  So, here are my thoughts:

I think our brain is like the rest of our body: Garbage in, garbage out. If we eat harmful things, it will starve our organs of necessary nutrients to function properly. Some substances (like harmful drugs) can actually target certain organs and cause damage quickly. Likewise, we can take harmful things into our mind that will slowly starve it (lack of learning) or even damage it quickly (pornography, hate-speech).

Mom with her Osborne Computer
Mom with her Osborne Computer, 1980-ish

I’ve always liked the analogy that we are each like a puzzle piece that fits into our family puzzle; immediate and extended. We are shaped by those around us and by the choices we make. As we grow older, we have more control over our “shape” as we make more of our own choices. And I’m not just talking about our body shape. 🙂 Our “shape” is who we are comfortable spending time with and the places we are comfortable in. And by “comfortable” I guess I mean “easy.” Routine is comfortable.

When I first moved away from my parents home I remember how good it felt to go back home for a few days. That’s where my shape fit best. The whole environment felt like a warm blanket wrapped around me. I remember years later, after I’d been married for a few years, we weren’t able to be with my parents for Thanksgiving. I not only missed the time talking to them, I even missed falling asleep on the couch after dinner with the sound of the football game on the TV. I’ve never been one to turn on a football game but I did on that Thanksgiving Day.

I know many smokers who want to quit smoking. It seems like the routine of smoking may be harder to quit than the physical addiction to nicotine. My husband was successful when he replaced his smoking routine with a painting routine. He painted a mural at his workplace instead of going on smoke breaks. He broke the pattern of where he walked and how he used his hands during breaks. The mural only took so long, though, so his desire to quit kept him motivated to find other ways to create new patterns and routines.

We don’t have to like the routine we are in for it to be comfortable. Change is hard. It may be the biggest reason an abused person doesn’t leave the abuser. They’ve gotten into a routine. It is comfortable in the sense that they know what to expect; not that they like it but they don’t know anything else. Maybe they don’t think they deserve anything better or they don’t think they are capable of anything better. When we change our shape, some of our closest relationships won’t be as comfortable. Those people either choose to change their shape or leave.

Yes, change is hard but it is so worth it! In the past, I was trapped in a shape I wanted to change. I could see that the men I was attracted to were toxic. I was successful in my career though. And I had good relationships with my family and friends (as far as I know-lol). It was just this one type of relationship that I had trouble with. I had to change my shape. I changed the way I thought about myself. I had to practice seeing the beauty in others as well as in myself. But that also meant I needed to learn to recognize what was harmful to me. I am now blessed with a kind, loving and supportive husband. I’m not done yet. Life is not over. I’m still working on my shape.

The pathway home

Change is hard. But we CAN change our shape! God created us in HIS image! (Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” also: Moses 2:27, Abraham 4:27, Ether 3:15, Alma 22:12, D&C 20:18)

I think one reason to “read from the best books” (D&C 88:118) is so we can fill our mind with beauty; so we are comfortable hearing beautiful speech. When we look at beautiful scenery and artwork we grow comfortable being in beautiful places. Aren’t we trying to shape our puzzle piece to fit into God’s family puzzle?  Don’t we want to be comfortable in the beauty of Heaven?

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Spiritual Blessings from the Sea

So I’m substituting this month for the sunbeam teacher in Primary. The lesson was about God and Jesus creating the fish and other ocean creatures for us to enjoy and use for food.

The first Bible story was about Jonah being swallowed by a big fish.  Of course there is more than that to the story but that’s what the children focused on.  I tried to tell it in a way that wouldn’t scare the innocence out these sweet little 3 year-olds.  Honestly, I think all the children heard was ‘blah blah blah blah blah

swallowed by a whale

blah blah blah blah’

Fishers of Men
Fishers of Men

I had a picture of the next experience to get them back on track.  It was from Luke 5 when Jesus entered Simeon Peter’s boat to avoid the press of the people so he could continue teaching.  Then he told Simeon Peter where to let down his net.  He had a little doubt, but with faith, did what Jesus told him and the load of fish nearly broke his net.  Simeon Peter was amazed and Jesus told him to “follow me and I’ll make you fishers of men”.


As I was walking on the beach, at sunset tonight, I saw this huge log.  It just appeared out of nowhere.  The ocean just heaved it up onto the beach.  It reminded me of the huge fish spitting Jonah out of its stomach.  🙂  That’s what got me rethinking about how this fish was a “blessing” to Jonah.

The other Bible verses were obvious ways that fish are blessings (feeding thousands with the loaves and fishes, making fishers of men, etc).  The beginning of Jonah’s experience was when he was disobedient to the Lord.  The Lord told Jonah to go into a city that was known to have lots of wicked people and tell them to repent.  Jonah was scared and didn’t want to go.  Jonah’s fish experience did get him to repent.  On the third day in the belly of the fish he prayed.  He probably prayed more sincerely and desperately than he’d ever prayed before!  The Lord heard his prayers.  The fish spit him out and Jonah went to the city.  Many people in the city listened to Jonah.  So their lives were blessed by that fish.   I think that fish was a blessing to Jonah in the way that a dramatic trial is a blessing to me after it is over.

I’m afraid I wasn’t successful in explaining this idea to my 3 year-olds.  I always learn more, as a teacher, though.  But they got the general idea and I gave them goldfish crackers for a snack.   🙂   I wonder what they’ll say to Mom and Dad when they ask what they learned today?

Notes from my Workamping Journal:

Although church isn’t a part of this workamping gig, it is a vital part of my life.  We encourage our hosts to go to their church.  We can use all the spirituality we can get.