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We’re enjoying a snowday from home today.  Snow on the beach is such a rarity on the Oregon Coast and I got to kinda see it once…at midnight…from a distance…lit by my camera flash…see here: Snow on Tillicum Beach

Today I’m enjoying it from up the Alsea River.

alsea river snow
Alsea River at head of tidewater

We had plans for going to Newport to volunteer at the Family History Center and then do our weekly grocery shopping.  But caution prevails today.

driftboat in snow
timeout for snow

Some don’t mind travelling on snow days but the duck route isn’t any different than any other day on the river.

ring-necked ducks, alsea river
Ring-necked ducks

Most of the snow fell before the tide started going out this morning.

snow level meets tide level
Snow level meets tide level on the Alsea

Salmonberries first gathered weeds from the high river last month and now snow.

salmonberries gathering snow
Salmonberries gathering snow on the Alsea


Footprints in the Snow

Not sure if it was a raccoon or a skunk who made these tracks.  Being a glass-half-full kind of a person, though, I prefer to think it was a raccoon.  The other half is trying to scare me into thinking it was a skunk.

raccoon tracks in snow
Raccoon tracks in the snow

Here’s a size comparison:

raccoon snow tracks
Compared to a Ladies’ size 8

He inspected the whole yard.

Beaver Snow Sculpture
Alsea River Beaver

I’m sure they aren’t beaver tracks.  But it appears they ran into each other.

Beaver Snow Sculpture

Aaawwwwhhh, look at the cute pied-billed grebe!

Pied-billed Grebe
Pied-billed Grebe

She might have thought she found the perfect nesting place until she realized the tide was going out and it would leave her high and dry.

Oregon Coast Snow Day – Alsea River


It doesn’t happen here often so we get really excited about it.

great blue heron
Weather Heron

This is how I can tell it’s snowing.  Our weather heron has snow all over him.

Snowing on the Alsea River near Blackberry Campground
Snowing on the Alsea River near Blackberry Campground

About 6 inches, I’m guessing?

bird feeder in snow
6 inches of snow in the bird feeder

We threw some seed where they could get to it without being shoulder-deep in the snow.


I’m just sorry I’m up the Alsea River, this year, and can’t get to the coast to see snow on the beach.

I’m glad I have an indoor job today:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVEYV6xdStI


Okay, at least it isn’t in the teens again this morning.

alsea river december weather
warming up!

At least they have fur coats.

The elk were laying down until sunup
The elk were laying down until sunup

You’d think ducks were equally protected with all those feathers.

feathers in ice
hazardous ice conditions

But someone clearly forgot not to sit on the melted ice overnight.  It froze their butts off.  (I promise, that’s the last time I’ll say it.)

Gotta do it!

I didn’t know I had an addiction…

Alsea River Snowman
Alsea River Snowman

…until I came back in the house and announced I’d “built a snowman!”


…and Don said, “When has it snowed and you haven’t built a snowman?”

That’s when reality hit me!  I don’t need a 12-step program for this addiction though.  Or am I in denial?   But it’s pretty harmless; unless you think I’ve modeled it after you and you don’t like it.

Look like anyone you know?

Alsea River Snowman
Watching for Steelhead

I haven’t seen such light, dry, snow since we left Utah.  I had a little bit of a challenged getting it to stick together in our sub-freezing temps.  Maybe the moisture from the ground helped.  Underneath layers have some apple leaves 🙂

Clearly I need to learn a new technique to build a snowman in Oregon that’s different from Utah snowman building.  It’s not that he is bent over from melting because our temps didn’t get above freezing.  I’m really not sure what is happening to him.  Maybe he’s just watching for steelhead?

Let it snow! Isn’t it grand!

I got together yesterday with a few Relief Society ladies to put together some Christmas swags for the Samaritan House.

We have so much fun when we get together!   The feeling is grand!

Spruce, fir, hemlock, holly and salal – the spruce smell the best.

Door Swags
Door Swags

We got about an inch of snow on the Alsea River last night!

Alsea River Snow
Alsea River Snow

And now the whole river looks like Christmas!

Watch out Utah – it’s coming your way!

Weather Outside is Frightful

A good time to watch from inside a warm home.

Muddy Alsea River
December Driftwood on the Alsea River

There is a steady stream (no pun intended) of trees and driftwood on the Alsea today.  It’s almost like it’s intentional.  I did see one freshly cut tree with all its branches and the cut was showing above the water.

Fortunately, the drift-boaters know to stay off the river on days like this.

Snowing Hard All Morning
Snowing Hard All Morning

 We had planned on going into town today.  But our friends let us off the hook.

Deer Feeding Across the Driveway
Deer Feeding Across the Driveway

So we watched wildlife.

Alsea River Snowman
Alsea River Snowman

played in the snow…

Elk Running
Reindeer (or Elk) Running

and watched more wildlife.

The elk were funny to watch.  Something spooked them and the first ones stopped.  The rest ’bout rear-ended them before they got stopped.

Back the other way
Back the other way

Half of them started running back from where they’d come.

Wondering or Wandering?
Wondering or Wandering?

When they saw the others weren’t following, they turned back around and rejoined them.

I’m SO grateful for the blessing of a warm home!  And the additional blessing of such a beautiful view!!!