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Diving Brown Pelicans

Some old friends are back on the Central Coast.

Well, the Seagulls never leave

But loons are not as common.  I’m not sure what kind of loon this is though.

loon - alsea bay waldport oregon
Weather Loon says it’s raining

Brown Pelicans are fun to watch as they dive so clumsily into the Alsea Bay.

[youtube http://youtu.be/iQ7ZsnlGK8Y]

Bird Wars

Dead carcasses in the river bring out the scavengers.

heron and gull
Heron and Gull compete for food

The seagull found the carcass submerged and waited patiently for the tide to go out so he could get to it.

heron and gull
Must be yummy!

Then the heron came.   The seagull gives him room but he doesn’t like it.

heron eating carcass
Heron wins this round

It was interesting to watch the back and forth of the heron and seagull.  Another gull came in before it was all over.  He found a piece submerged and tried to drag it to the island while the heron wasn’t looking.  When he lost it, he bobbed for it and the splashing sound caught the heron’s attention.  The gulls paddled away when the heron came closer to investigate.

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

The heron wouldn’t bother with the carcass that was submerged but if it was on land he’d eat it.