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Fishing off the South Jetty – Newport, Oregon

We had a meeting in Newport yesterday evening.  So we did our favorite thing.

Harbor Seals on South Jetty
Rock Camo Seals

We ordered take-out from our favorite crab shack and went out to the South Jetty on Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon.

Sleeping Loons
Sleeping Loons

The loons had their beaks tucked into their wings for an after-dinner siesta.

South Jetty, Newport, Oregon, fishing
Whatever your fishing pleasure: from jetty or boat?

There’s a variety of fishing to do on the Oregon coast.

Seagulls Fighting
Seagulls Fighting

The mergansers don’t care about the seagulls fighting over something.  After this little tussle one chased the other away anytime he came anywhere close.

Seagulls Corner a Crab
You want a piece o’ me?!

Then we watched a gull land in the water and pull up a crab in his beak.  Then he dropped it and it was funny to watch him get it back.  Seagulls are very buoyant.  They cannot dive.  He’d sort of jumped up  so he could plop down lower in the water with his head shooting as low as he could get it under water to reach the crab.  But it was like trying to push a beachball under water.  He’d barely submerge a third of his body before he bounced back up.  He finally got his catch to the sand.  That crab was not ready to be eaten though!  He’s going to pluck the seagull’s eyes out!