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Elk Yearlings Playing

I like to watch the young elk playing.

[youtube https://youtu.be/j4fozjxVeZI]

We are just starting to see little nubs on the head of the bulls born last summer.

Bull Elk Calf
Little antler nubs starting to show on elk in front

Spring Wildlife

There are signs of spring everywhere on the Oregon Coast.  See the 2 grey dots between the one elk’s ears?  That’s the bull who recently shed his antlers.  I think the bulls lose their antlers just before birthing season so they can get in touch with their feminine side. They’re a little more humble without antlers.  🙂

Bull elk shed his antlers
Bull elk shed his antlers

The Canada Geese are pairing up and building their nests.  You can see them on the Alsea Bay and up the river.  Eckman Lake is a good place to see a lot of them on their nests.

Canada Geese beginning to nest
Canada Geese beginning to nest

The brown pelicans have been here for over a month now.  These were in Yachats.  Seagulls are here year-round.

Brown Pelicans fishing off Yachats River
Brown Pelicans fishing off Yachats River

This is looking at Waldport from the beautiful arch on the Alsea Bay Bridge.  It’s my favorite place to look for seal pups.

Alsea Bay Bridge, Waldport, OR
Alsea Bay Bridge, Waldport, OR

It’s common to see Pelagic Cormorants diving in the bay and coming up with nesting material.  They make nests under the bridge out of sight of all but the boaters.

Cormorant under Alsea Bridge
Cormorant under Alsea Bridge

There are wall-to-wall harbor seals but I didn’t see any babies on this day (Apr 10, ’15).  Seals are able to delay implantation after their egg is fertilized.  Now, how does their body know, 9 months ahead, when will be the best conditions for giving birth?  I have a lot of questions when I get to heaven!  🙂

Wall-to-wall seals in Alsea Bay
Wall-to-wall seals in Alsea Bay

These seals were finished with their nap and were crabbing near the base of the bridge.

Harbor Seals in Alsea Bay
Harbor Seals in Alsea Bay

Lazy Dayz of January

The ladies were lounging on the hill this morning.

roosevelt elk cows and calf
                                                                              Resting on the hill

The elk calves are almost hard to distinguish from the adults now.  Their coloring is the same but you can tell they are smaller when right next to an adult.  I think their fur looks fluffier too.

roosevelt elk tag a-3
                                                                      A-3, Alllie, just being lazy

Elk are similar to cattle in that they chew their cud as a part of digestion.  I’m always happy to see Alllie.  I wonder if I studied them longer if I would start to see some distinguishing marks?  We haven’t seen the bull lately so maybe he didn’t survive the hunt.  Time will tell.

Elk Chasing 2 Coyotes

About a week ago I saw this elk calf limping behind the rest of the herd.  She was keeping up but just barely.

elk calf
Injured Elk Calf

This morning I noticed a cow elk acting eradictly.  I couldn’t see the rest of the herd clearly as most of them were behind some trees.  I’m not sure if this was the herd with the injured calf or not.  But they were all looking across the field at something and the cow would charge down the hill into the field and then turn and walk back to the herd.  As I watched I could see 2 coyotes trying to get close to the herd.  I wonder if they are stalking the injured calf?

I couldn’t believe I had time to get the chase on video!  If you turn the sound way up you can hear, not only the dogs next door, but an elk from the herd calling her praise to the defender.  (I’m only guessing.  I’m not an Elk Whisperer.)

[youtube http://youtu.be/z2HygvFGb00]

Tailgating Elk

Have you ever heard of the children’s game, Duck-Duck-Goose?

This is Oregon’s version of that game.  It’s called Elk-Elk-Goose.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84hBfxE7ewY&feature=youtu.be]

You get goosed when you move too slow and the one behind you gooses your behind. 🙂

roosevelt elk
4 calves in this herd

It was fun to see the Roosevelt Elk herd today with 4 calves.

elk bull and calf
Hangin’ back for some fatherly advice

Wildlife Video Bomb

Wildlife are always photo-bombing or video-bombing me and I love it!

roosevelt elk
Elk bull watching over the cows

On this day it was the Roosevelt Elk.  I’d heard an elk call and wanted to capture the sound.  I thought bulls were the ones that made the calls but cows also have a call.  Unless I hear them around the same time I can’t always identify which is which.  I think a bull’s call is longer though.  A baby elk sounds like a weaker version of the cow call.

Since it was a little foggy, all I’d seen were the cows in the field.  But the video shows the bull on the other side of the fence. He must have been the one making the call.  We don’t have many bulls this year since someone took 4 out of the herd last fall.  So, hunters, stay away this year because we don’t have many calves either.  It’s been a couple months since I’ve seen the bull and he’s got a nice rack now.

The other surprise is the yearling cow with a gray rump.  I assume it’s from hair loss but this is the first time I’ve seen hair loss on an Elk.