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Morning Gift from a Spider

Sitting at my computer, with a glance out my window, I see this sweet gift.

spider web
Perfect place for a home

The spider probably didn’t think of it as a gift for me.  She was just doing her chores, building her home.  I wonder if she just stumbled across this perfect little piece of real estate on the river?  Or maybe she saw it from a distance and took the long journey out to the end of the road?

Her hard work is evident and beautiful.  I can only see it when the sun is in the right spot and when I am sitting at my computer.  A gift?  Yep!  It’s just one of those extra little touches, barely noticeable, to top off an already beautiful world.

A Furry Flurry

River Otters came out at dusk last week.

River Otter Takes a Dirt Bath
Otter takes a dirt bath

Don was out on the “observation deck” starting the barbeque when he heard animals screeching.  He called to me and said it sounded like raccoons fighting.

Snuggling River Otters
Snuggling River Otters

The camera revealed that it was river otters…but they aren’t fighting…it’s spring you know!

Cavorting Otters
Splish Splash

Again, the low light and auto-focus techniques of my excellent photo-journalism skills show just exactly how fast these critters move!

What a blur these river otters can cause!

Photos were taken in the Alsea River, below Blackberry Campground, in Tidewater, Oregon.

Notes from the photo-journalist (loosely named):

I’ve been fighting with a my computer for a week.  Apparently, accidentally clicking on one of those facebook ads on the right side of the facebook screen, installed some adware on my computer.  The way I knew that is because ads started showing up in different places in facebook (like on the left side and the middle of the facebook screen).  I did some research and found out that facebook doesn’t put ads anywhere but on the right side so I must have been infected by adware.  Don got rid of the adware with some software that cleaned the computer and reset the browser settings.  While it did get rid of the extra ads, I started having problems with another blog I’m working on.  They suggested that I should install IE10.  How naïve I am!  I did as was suggested and that blog works well again.  However, I get a new problem that not even the Microsoft Tech Support team has seen.  Well, I guess that shouldn’t surprise me.  After all, we are all beta-testers of Microsoft…except for the few fortunate who can afford a quality product like a Mac.  🙂

Alsea River Otter Family

otter otter otter !!!  I said as I dashed through the house to get the camera from the last place I used it!

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They look like a wave when they are swimming.

This was taken near Blackberry Campground on the Alsea River in Tidewater, Oregon.

I asked Don if I get too excited about wildlife. 🙂  The last time he got so excited about wildlife was when the bear fell out of the tree because he saw Don before Don saw him.

Thanksgiving – Oregon Coast Style

It’s going to be a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend on the Oregon Coast!

Rainbow Over Alsea Bay
Rainbow Over Alsea Bay

So…what’s your pleasure?  Camping overlooking a romantic beach?

Romantic Beach Gettaway - Tillicum
Romantic Beach Getaway – Tillicum Beach Campground

Or maybe camping near the dunes?  Sutton Campground is perfect – and Three Rivers Casino has a great Thanksgiving buffet!

Or  how about steelhead fishing on the Alsea River?  http://www.nwrfc.noaa.gov/river/station/flowplot/flowplot.cgi?TIDO3

The river level is dropping fast and it is clearing up.  It should be good for the holiday weekend.

Once the river level drops, the crabs will be back in the bay too.

Tillicum - Bull Kelp
Tillicum – Bull Kelp

The storms sure stirred up the bull kelp.  There was nothing on Tillicum Beach yesterday.

Bull Kelp Slaughter

But today mounds of it were all over the beach!

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

Have a great Thanksgiving!

And wherever the holiday takes you, be safe.