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Even wildlife need to bathe

Otters seem to have a fluid motion even when they are on land.  These photos were taken in Tidewater just below Blackberry Campground east of Waldport, Oregon.  (Sorry if I caught an intimate moment.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell.)

river otters on alsea river
3 otters

 Watch the video of them taking a dirt bath.  When the 3rd otter comes onto land you can see a little newt scurrying out of the way.

[youtube https://youtu.be/O-MOzwbzK_M]

River Otter Family of 7

The water boils when this River Otter family rolls through.  It’s hard to count them in the water.  It was hard enough to count them on land in the low light of dusk (which is why I couldn’t focus).

otter kits
5 kits and 2 adult otters

But they are fun to watch.  They took a nice long dirt bath on the other side of the river before they came over to continue their dinner.