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Eckman Lake Ducks

Eckman Lake, near Waldport Oregon, gets pretty busy with ducks in the fall.

gadwall and ring-necked duck
Left-to-right: male Gadwall, male Ring-necked Duck

I’ve been trying to take the time for a month to stop and take a closer look.

american wigeon, gadwall, pied-billed grebe
Left-to-right: male and female American Wigeon, male Gadwalls, Pied-billed Grebe

I was alone this afternoon and didn’t get any back-talk when I said to myself, “Self, you should stop and take a closer look at those ducks.”

american wideon and ring-necked ducks
Left-to-right: male American Wigeon, Male Ring-necked ducks, maybe 1 female Ring-necked duck

I have to admit, though, I needed help in identifying them.  Range Bayer, local bird expert, knew exactly what they were when I showed him my pix.

I don’t know who named the ring-necked duck.  The only ring I see is around their bill.

Bufflehead and ?

I can see that the bird in the foreground is a Bufflehead but I’m not sure what the one in the background is.  Could it be a female Bufflehead?