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Red-tailed Hawk

This Red-tailed Hawk caught a rodent for lunch.

Red-tailed Hawk

I never noticed all the pretty leg feathers before.  Maybe those are his long-johns?  Although it’s really not that cold now on the Oregon Coast.

This was taken near Blackberry Campground on the Alsea River.

Today is for Listening

A cool, crisp day started off with Music and the Spoken Word and some uplifting talks from General Conference over XM radio while we watch the tide come and go in the Alsea River.

God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth to be used in that proportion….but I have 10 fingers and use them all to type. 🙂

Diving Duck
Pied-billed Grebe

I can see out our picture window from the couch.  A perfect place to listen to the spiritual messages.

“Ppplllllllththththththth! Missed Me, you missed me!” says the fishy.

  I saw a hawk fly by with something in his claws about an hour earlier.

Drift Fishing
Drift Fishing

Grandpa or Dad (couldn’t tell from the distance) took the kids for a boat ride.  It was the wrong time of the tide but who goes out in the drift boat without fishing gear.  He had a bobber and bait rigged up but he really didn’t have time to leave it in the water long enough.  (Dads you know the drill.)

Wooley Bugger
Wooley Bugger

The first session of Conference was over so I went for a walk and got some hints on what flies to tie.

Yellow Catepillar
I guess there are yellow wooly buggers too?

After my walk, I moved some rocks around the yard, then took a shower before the afternoon session of Conference.

As we were listening and watching the river I suddenly saw a black bear walking quickly along the other side of the river.  All I could say, as I frantically searched for the camera, was “bear…bear…bear…BEAR…camera…Don!   bear!”

Bear on the Alsea River
Bear on the Alsea River

That’s a BIG bear!

Black Bear on Alsea
Big Black Bear

How exciting!  We’ve had bear sightings and evidence in our campgrounds but I’ve never seen them or gotten a photo.

THEN, Don spotted this on OUR side of the river; on the lot next to us.

Is that really bear poop? Impressive!

I don’t see any berries (or bear bells) but what else could have made this?

Look how big!!!

HHhhhmmmm…I’m re-thinking my walks…where are my bear bells?