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Aspen Grove Campground, Strawberry Reservoir, near Heber City, UT

I have a few pix from our workamping gig, with American Land & Leisure, in the Strawberry Reservoir area near Heber City, UT, in 2010.

We didn’t work at Aspen Grove so the pix were taken before the season started; as you can tell by the bare aspen trees.

One couple works the campground and the area maintenance person also lives on-site.

You see much of the same wildflowers and wildlife here as in Lodgepole Campground; deer, moose, potguts (Uinta Ground Squirrel), hummingbirds, etc).

But if you’re looking for a campground on Strawberry that is smaller than the main one, Aspen Grove is lovely.  It is protected from the wind and the aspen provide shade from the high desert sun.  The campground overlooks the boat launch but American Land & Leisure does not operate it.

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There are about 60 campsites in Aspen Grove.  Some are reservable and some are first-come-first-served.  You can reserve a site up to 6 months in advance here: Recreation.Gov

Workamping Tip: Reservations

If you work in a campground that uses the ReserveAmerica, or www.recreation.gov system, you’ll recognize these reservation cards:

Reservation Card - front
Reservation Card – front

First tip:  Do NOT write on the card until you have covered it with clear cellophane tape.  It is best to completely cover the card.

This is because anything you use to remove the writing, from the bare card, will also remove the red print.

Second tip:  Use a grease pencil, also known as a China Marker, to write the date and name on the tape.  Press firmly to make it dark enough to read from a vehicle driving by the site.  A dry-erase marker comes off too easily and a permanent black marker is too hard (although possible) to remove.

Third tip:  Use a (dry) Magic Eraser to remove the writing.  Using the eraser dry, instead of wet, lifts the writing off the tape instead of smearing it.  The Magic Eraser will last longer if you do not get it wet.  However, you will need to rinse it out when it starts getting hard to cleanly remove the writing.  There are generic Magic Erasers on the market that work just as well as the name-brand product.

Reservation Card - Open
Reservation Card – Open

Good signage cuts down on the questions.  But there aren’t enough signs in the forest to completely eliminate them.  There are SO many different ways that campgrounds work.  So be patient when the campers need a little explanation.

Tillicum Site 26
Tillicum Site 26

Happy Hosts mean Happy Campers   🙂