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Raccoons being raccoons

Raccoons are so cute…until they open you cooler!

Wait – your tail’s in my way

Here’s a string of photos of the curious raccoons on YouTube:

Blonde Raccoon

The raccoons we see are usually black and grey.  But this one seems more brown and blonde.  It is really obvious when we see him with his buddies though.

Brown Raccoon

We caught his buddies on video chasing mice around the yard.  Anyone who lives in the country needs a barn cat to keep the mice in control….or let the raccoons take care of them.

Brown Raccoon

There were a couple raccoons playing under and around the blackberries on the other side of the river from us for a couple hours in the morning.

brown raccoon on alsea river
Brown Raccoon

This was the first one that caught my eye.  It is such a light color that I wasn’t sure what it was at first.  But the ringed tail gave it away.

The other coon was the more typical grey and black.