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Raccoons being raccoons

Raccoons are so cute…until they open you cooler!

Wait – your tail’s in my way

Here’s a string of photos of the curious raccoons on YouTube:

Wildlife Photography

I’ve never taken a class.  I use auto-focus more than any other setting.  I use a Canon SX40 HS with a 35x optical zoom.  I’m not here to teach you anything about photography.

Hummingbird fishing lure?
Hummingbird fishing lure?

I just enjoy wildlife so I want to preserve the moment.  And I love the attention to detail that God has in His creations!

Female or youth Rufous Hummingbird
Female or youth Rufous Hummingbird

I have to admit, though, some kinds of wildlife almost seem like more work than they are worth.  I like to catch the unique markings so I can make a good identification.  But hummingbirds don’t usually sit still for very long.

Rufous in flight
Rufous in flight

If I have enough light and patience, and if luck is on my side, I might capture the little hummer in flight AND in focus!  They are SO fast!  There were 4 of them fighting over the feeders and flowers this evening.

Action shots are my favorites
Action shots are my favorites

These are the treasure shots though.  The captures I never expect.  I’d been intentionally trying to catch the hummer with his tail spread but he just wasn’t cooperating.  The spread tail is a threatening or warning position so they are ready to chase when it’s spread.  I focused on him as he was sitting on the flower and decided to snap at the next movement I saw.  After I took it I thought I’d missed him completely.  I love finding these treasures on my laptop after I download photos from my camera.

Happy snapping!  🙂

Expressions of Love – from our furry friends

I feel secure with you.  I know that doesn’t always give me the right to be rude though.


Just because I have a different opinion, doesn’t mean I don’t value and respect yours.

Throwin’ a fit

We may not always agree on which end of the stick to start.  But, when we recognize each other’s strengths, the results are surprisingly efficient.

Gittin’er done

At the end of the day, I know I can always count on you.

harbor seals
Back off! He’s mine!

We fit together.


Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet husband 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

The last time I felt something eerie was my first close encounter with mama bear.

black bear
Mama Bear Stands Her Ground

She ran into the trees and watched me while her first cub was up the tree and her 2nd cub posed at the bottom of the same tree.

I had to zoom into the dark forest to even see her.  I was encouraged by the fact that she ran from me when I was just on foot.

She wasn’t sitting though.  Her ears, eyes and nose are pointed directly at me.  Her defiance made me nervous so I started backing away, then she started walking away too.

Here’s the original post: https://pamperingcampers.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/7pm-just-enough-time-for-a-walk/

7pm – just enough time for a walk

Out of the corner of my eye I see something black, under the apple trees next door, as I walk from the driveway toward the road.

As I walk around the truck, the “something black” starts to run and there is a big something black and a little something black.

(fumble with camera with a feeling of futility)

Of course I am stopped in my tracks thinking that now is not the time for a walk after all.

After they bound across the road, over the barbed wire fence and up the hill, I go back inside (maybe 3 minutes after I’d left) and tell Don what a great walk he missed.

Don proceeded to convince his wildlife-enamored wife (me) that I scared the bears away so I would be fine to go ahead for my walk now.  (alzhiemer’s maybe?)

Black Bear Cub
2nd Twin Cub

So, I get to the road and see the first cub head up the big fir tree behind the fence (right) and hear the apple tree rustling (left).

(Now I know, the pictures Don wants to get are of me being mauled by a mama bear.)

At first I wasn’t sure if this was the black bear family we saw across the Alsea River 4 days ago.

Now that I see the 2nd twin cub I’m sure it is.  Mom is small; maybe less than 200 lbs.  (She still out-weighs, out-teeths and out-claws me.)

Black Bear Mama
Black Bear Mama

She’s watching me close while her 2nd baby heads up the fir tree.

Black Bear Cub
Black Bear Cub

They’ll be back to make a dent in the neighbor’s apples.

And I’ve got the game camera pointing up our apple tree in case they come to ours.  I’m glad I pick a few apples off the tree today.  They really aren’t all the way ripe yet.  So maybe the bears will finish off the neighbor’s while ours ripen a little more?

These photos were taken near Blackberry Campground on the Alsea River.

West Side Story – Elk Style

The elk have been scarce for almost 2 weeks (since the beginning of archery season).

bull elk
Bull with his Harem

But today we saw this big guy with his harem.  There were probably 15 or so cows with their calves around him.

No doubt it was his large rack that attracted them.

bull elk
Pompadour – 50’s Men’s Hairstyle

Or was it his pompadour?

Elvis - Pompadour

Works for me!


The birds were wild tonight!

I no sooner sat down at the counter for dinner when I saw an osprey dive into the river right in front of our window.  Don missed it because he was “washing his hands” in the other room.

So after we had dinner, I went outside to wait for the osprey to come back.  A bald eagle has been flying by every evening.  He doesn’t give us any warning though.  I mean, I’d like to have the camera positioned perfectly when he comes by.  It’s a reasonable request.

Okay, so, you know how long my attention span is…I guess I’ll try to get some planting done while waiting for something spectacular to happen in front of me.  Don says he’ll come out around 7:15 because that’s when the eagle flies by; so I’ve got about 20 minutes.

I set my camera down on the deck and get the shovel.  I’m looking at the ground and hear a big splash in the river.  I turn to see the osprey lift a fish out of the water right in front of me!  I yelled to Don in the house, “did you see the osprey?!”  Of course not, he was washing his hands again!

Heron on Alsea River
Heron on Alsea River

Well, now Don is staying out on the deck while I’m planting bulbs.  He’s manning the camera.  We saw this heron in the same spot last night.

So I got 50 bulbs planted on the hill down to the river and am back on the deck.  Don’s got buck fever with the camera.  I see some big wings flapping upriver and said, ‘hey!’ then noticed it was just the heron repositioning himself downriver.  But I made Don jump (and that always makes me laugh).

He took some pix of the merganser and yelled at the swallows for not flying low enough.

Then I saw a bird flying down the river and Don got ready with the camera – but it was a mallard.  Less than a minute later I saw the eagle coming!

He caught it in flight but we got better photos after he landed downriver.

Bald Eagle on Alsea River
Bald Eagle on Alsea River

We actually thought he’d just kept going until I noticed him in front of the next property.  We took photos of him until he left about 10 minutes later.  Bald eagles are such beautiful birds.

Moon Rise
Moon Rise

 Speaking of eagles landing…we’ve had clear skies lately so I’m sure there was a beautiful sunset from the beach.

But, here on the river near Blackberry Campground, we are enjoying the moonrise.