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Wildlife, Pets and People

This is one of those rare posts when I will not use a photo.  Although I could, because I actually took one last evening, as I was walking the beach.  I threw it away because it was a picture of dog poop on the beach…huge dog…  It was also in the pattern of a cross and I’ve been thinking about Easter lately.  It just didn’t seem appropriate.  But, now you have a mental picture. 🙂

Did you know that our pets have become so integrated into our lives that they catch our diseases now?  They catch colds.  They have thyroid problems.  They get cancer.  If wildlife comes in contact with pet poop, they will also begin to suffer from our diseases.  Wildlife includes the fish we eat from the ocean.

When your pet is on a leash (and you are on the other end of it) you know where they poop and you can pick it up in that plastic grocery bag that environmentalists are trying to outlaw.

Short Rant:  Not leaving garbage (cigarette butts included) or pet poop on the ground is the responsibility of the camper and anyone else who visits the beach or forest. As a workamper, I’m not actually paid to pick up your garbage. We provide garbage cans.  Your fees are used to empty those cans.  If garbage, or pet poop, is accidentally left I’ll pick it up because I think the next person will appreciate a clean area to camp and walk on the beach.

So, there you have it.  Encapsulated in one short blog are reasons for leash laws, recycling plastic bags and picking up after yourself, your children and your pets; even if you think no one will see it.  🙂

Okay, I can’t post without a picture.


SheDaisy is adjusting well after the passing of her owner, Steve, from cancer.  She is such a sweetheart.