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Ducks play peek-a-boo

Diving ducks play peek-a-boo – or maybe they’re just feeding?  Regardless, one second they are there and the next they are gone.

pacific loon
Pacific Loon – South Jetty, Newport, OR

But they are interesting to watch – how long they can stay under, how far they swim before coming back to the surface, do they have anything in their mouth when they surface, how they interact with other birds and animals nearby, etc

common merganser male
Common Merganser – male – Alsea River, Tidewater, Oregon

When the sun is right you can see a green tint to the male merganser’s head.  His red bill makes him a little Christmasy.  🙂

Yaquina Bay Picnic

Armed with a sandwich from Safeway we pulled into our favorite parking spot on the south jetty of Yaquina Bay, just south of the Newport bridge.

Lots of fishermen were in the bay.  I don’t know if they are fishing for steelhead or chinook.  I’m sure they are waiting for their crab pots to soak though.

South Jetty, Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon
South Jetty, Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon

We were a bit surprised that there were no seals on the jetty.

Surf Scoters - Yaquina Bay
Surf Scoters – males are more colorful

But it was fun to watch the surf scoters feed.  They were always paddling into the current.  So they’d change directions as the tide swung back and forth.

Pacific Loon - Yaquina Bay
Pacific Loon

There were 3 Pacific Loons.  They kept their distance from each other.

Resting Pacific Loon
Resting Pacific Loon

When resting they tuck their beak behind their wing and look like a float in the water.


There were even a few harlequin ducks!

Harlequin Pair in Yaquina Bay
Harlequin Pair

We also saw some grebes.  I thought it was an adult with some young ones but a passer-by corrected me.  She said the smaller ones are horned grebes and the larger was a western grebe.  I wish I’d gotten a photo but I was distracted by a phone call.

One seal showed up before we left.