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Oregon Coast Spring Sights

Alllie the tagged Roosevelt Elk
Our beautiful Alllie

Alllie didn’t have a calf last year.  I hope she will this year.

White moth with black markings
Match the Hatch – white-ribboned carpet moth

We took our lunch out to Canal Creek Group Campground today.  It is only open for reservations from mid-May through Labor Day now.  We walked in to look at the creek and eat lunch.  Those little white moths are so fast that I’d never noticed they have a black pattern.  This one was apparently just drying out his wings.  I think the steelhead like them.

Naughty Moss
Naughty Moss

This knot looks like an eye on the picnic table.  I can tell the ground is warming up because the grass is growing again.  Everything is starting to green-up!

Salmonberry Blossoms in Canal Creek Campground
Salmonberry Blossoms in Canal Creek Campground

Even the Salmonberries are starting to bloom!  Canal Creek Campground is full of berry bushes.  Come hungry.

I’m Enamored

I’m sure I will feel differently when/if the beavers start munching on my living trees.

Beaver or Water Pig?
Looks like a furry pig

But, for now, they captivate me.

Beaver - Alsea River
I can hear the munching from up here

 These photos were taken near Blackberry Campground on the Alsea River in Tidewater, OR.

The beavers seem to like the apple tree limbs out of our burn pile.  So we re-wrapped the base of the apple trees with chicken wire.

We don’t see a typical den, where there is a pile of sticks, or a dam.   But I’ve heard that they’ll burrow into the river bank?

I found this study that was done by an OSU student last year: http://oregonstate.edu/terra/2012/02/leave-it-to-the-beavers/

Now I can look for a beavers with a radio transmitter on their tail!

I also learned that they don’t eat fish and that their dams create important habitat for small species and young coho salmon.

Reference: http://www.oregonwild.org/fish_wildlife/wildlife-pages/beaver