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Ft Sumner to Gallup, NM

We can sure tell we’re at a higher elevation!  It gets into the 70’s during the day but is still in the 30’s at night.  Our little space heater, and a down blanket,  still does a good job keeping us warm though.  We continued north, from Sumner Lake State Park, and got diesel when we hit I-40. Gas prices are still going up. (They heard we were starting to travel again.) We paid $2.89 but we’ve seen it for $2.99.  Gas is a little cheaper.  We saw lots of antelope as we started west.  I didn’t get any pix because I hate taking pix at 60mph.  The scenery is starting to change, though. Instead of miles of flat, we see snow-capped mountains in the distance.   We also see the red mesas ahead of us. 

I-40 - around Albuquerque
I-40 - around Albuquerque

I-40, generally, follows the old Route 66, at least between Albuquerque and Gallup.  We’d planned on camping at Bluewater Lake State Park. But, when we got close, the sign on the Interstate had a ‘Closed’ sign over it. So, we kept going to see what we’d find around Gallup. 

Route 66 

Our map didn’t help us find a campground. Our GPS didn’t help us find a campground or RV Park!  (I searched for ‘RV’ and ‘camp’ on the GPS and NOTHING!)  We turned north, on Hwy 491, towards the 4-corners area. We quickly ran out of town and didn’t see any signs of a small RV Park away from the noise. We searched for lodging around Window Rock, AZ (only 25 miles off our route). The GPS showed KOA Kampground!  (guess I should have searched for ‘kamp’)  Oh, but the address is in Gallup. 🙂  So, back to Gallup we go.  We did pass an RV Park right on the Interstate but those aren’t usually very quiet.  KOA would be our 2nd to last choice – they’re a little pricey for just an overnighter.  We did see the sign for USA RV Park.  It’s not right on the Interstate so maybe it will be quiet?  We paid $25 (elec/wtr).  Free features: hot showers, fake grass on the playground, noisy diesel park truck making rounds, planes landing next door, trains  🙂 


Oh well, hot meal, how shower, warm camper, we slept fine!  I’m still not sure why the GPS didn’t find ‘USA RV Park’?

Lake Brantley State Park (north of Carlsbad) to Ft Sumner Lake State Park

The wind was terrible when we were touring the Living Desert. It’s a good thing we hadn’t planned on driving very far. I think they probably closed the highway to high profile vehicles due to the high winds. We heard there was a fatal crash that shut down the freeway for a few hours.  Anyway, we camped at Lake Brantley State Park, for $14 (elec/wtr). New Mexicans are whimps (see the white caps on the water?).  On the Columbia River, this would be wind-surfing weather!
Lake Brantley State Park
Lake Brantley State Park - high winds

 We planned a trip through Roswell so we could, as Don put it, “see some weird stuff”.  We found the UFO Museum and Research Center. It is in an old theater in the middle of town. It was hard to tell which patrons were there to glean some useful information and reasons for their strange dreams, and who was just having fun. 🙂

UFO Museum
UFO Museum - Roswell, NM
UFO Identification Chart
Official UFO Identification Chart

We drove north towards Ft Sumner. The wind is expected to get stronger throughout the day again. We got into the State Park before it got too bad. This campground is a little more primitive (no showers) but we still found a few sites with elec/wtr for $14/night.

Ft Sumner Lake State Park
Ft Sumner Lake State Park