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Rewards of Exercise

Our picture window looks out over the Alsea River.  Where my laptop is set up, I can’t see out of it unless I look to the side.  That’s so I can actually get some work done.

Exercising every morning is a very worthwhile habit that the lazy-me tries to talk myself out of daily.

black bear on alsea river
Black Bear across the river

I do my exercises looking out the window, hoping for wildlife for a couple reasons:  1) it breaks up the monotony of exercising by having something new to look at and 2) it adds the more-fun-exercise of dashing for the camera and clicking off photos.  The black bear showed up a couple days ago.  We have not seen him on our side of the Alsea River yet.

muledeer on alsea river
A little forked-horn!

This morning this little forked-horn strolled through the yard and took our pathway down to the river where the doe joined him.  Their coats look healthy!

They walked out to the island for a little bit, took a few drinks, then wandered up river where I lost sight of them.   Then I went back to my hum-drum exercises.  I would not have seen either the bear or the deer had I not been standing in front of the window.  (If there are fishermen in the river, I back up so they can’t see me 🙂

I’m grateful for moments that break up the hum-drum!

A buck for an apple

We shook the last of the apples out of our tree and wanted to see what wildlife might still be checking for the last few morsels.

mule deer doe

I gathered up all the half-eaten apples and put them in front of the game camera for one last peek.

mule deer buck
Forked Horn

And we finally see the buck!  We knew there had to be one but had not seen him until now.

mule deer buck
Mule Deer Buck

We knew something was coming back to the tree.  I speculated it was raccoons.  But these mule deer (black-tails) were the only wildlife we caught on the camera.  I’m not sure if the doe is the adult or one of the fawns.  A few weeks ago we found one of the fawns had died.  😦



Double Your Pleasure

The best time to see wildlife is early morning and late evening.

The best time (for me) to read scriptures is first thing in the morning before anyone else gets up.  It’s so peaceful and quiet.

I set up a chair next to the window so I could enjoy God’s creations while I read about them.

mule deer fawn twins
A time for every season

As soon as I looked out I see the twin fawns running and jumping around the yard.  They were chasing each other; while mom was eating apples I presume.

They ran out of sight.  When they came back the 2nd time they darted across the yard, stopping at the edge, and then back again.

mule deer fawn
What’d you say?

The next time I saw them, they were just grazing along the side of the yard.  I had sneaked out onto the deck to get better photos.  I didn’t even try to photo them while they were playing.  They were too fast.  I just enjoyed watching them play.

The one above was listening intently to the chipmunk’s incessant chirping.  Then he went back to grazing.  I think they saw me but I tried to be very still so I didn’t startle them.

10 Mergansers
10 Mergansers

Then these Mergansers all splashed the water at once.  That startled the twins.  The fawns darted away and I didn’t see them the rest of the day.

I was so focused on the deer that I don’t know if the splash was from the Mergansers landing or if they all popped up to the surface after a dive.

It’s fun to watch children (human and animal) entertain themselves.

Black-tailed Deer

The black-tailed deer is a subspecies of the Mule Deer.

It’s nice to see the deer in such good health….and with a fawn too!

The fawn is a good sign that they are making a come-back after the plight of the deer mite.  Read more here: http://www.jwildlifedis.org/content/40/4/670.full

Black-tailed Doe and Fawn
Black-tailed Doe and Fawn

I had fun watching the fawn trying to eat the apple.

Black-tailed Fawn
Using her toes

She picked it up but quickly dropped it.

Black-tailed Fawn
Licking her lips

It reminded me of bobbing for apples in a barrel without being able to use your hands.

Black-tailed Fawn
Gets a bite

She’s making headway.  I don’t know why mom didn’t want the other apple.

Blacktail Fawn eats apple
The evil eye

She’s a determined little thing though.  I say “she” but I really don’t know.

One of the things I really love about workamping is staying in a place long enough to enjoy the wildlife.  We are paying attention to their schedules (daily, weekly, seasonal).  We know there is a cougar around but haven’t seen it yet – other than the glimpse in the fog a few weeks ago.

Since apples are ripening we are also watching for bear.