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Father/Son Bonding

The picture has nothing to do with my writing tonight.  It was raining all day so I couldn’t find a picture without getting the lens wet.

But this little seal is SO cute and, if you have an imagination, it could relate to my story.  Maybe that’s his dad in front of him?

Young Seal
Young Harbor Seal on Alsea Bay sandbar under the bridge

Notes from my Workamping Journal:

 A father and son walked into the campground looking really tired.  The father yells, “Is the campground open?”  I told him it was and he was SO relieved.  I told them to pick a site, get set up, then come back to pay.  He wanted me to point him towards a site best suited for them; I assume to reduce anymore walking.  When he came back to pay, and buy firewood, I got the rest of the story.  His teenage son had announced that he was going to hitch-hike down Hwy 101 on the Oregon Coast.  He and Mom did not think that was a good idea.  So MOM volunteered DAD to go with him. 🙂  I asked how far they’d come today.  He said they’d stayed, last night, at South Beach State Park.  Hhhmm, Newport to Waldport…not really making a lot of progress.  They’d gotten a ride to Beachside State Park, about a mile up the road from us at Tillicum Campground.  Beachside is still closed for the winter.  Not sure how much of the 25 miles they had to walk today but that last mile nearly killed Dad.  hahaha  Note to hitch-hikers, make sure you know where you want to go.

So, later, I was walking through the campground.  As I walked past their campsite, the son was jumping over the fence at the edge of the cliff.  He carefully looked over the edge then jumped back over the fence.  They saw that I saw what he did but I just kept walking because I wanted to decide what to say.  Nobody has ever accused me of being quick.  I only walked past a couple other sites before I turned around and walked over to them.  I suggested they go out onto the beach, look up at the cliff and notice how undercut the bank is and how sharp the rocks are at the bottom.  The kid didn’t even look at me.  The Dad said, “that’s what I told him!  I said, do you realize you are just standing on sand?!”   Ah, the father/son bonding moments!  Great memories!  They are trying to make it to the California border by the end of the week.  They’re going to have to pick it up a bit.

Where do kids get the idea that hitch-hiking is safe?  There are too many loonies out there!  Most of the nice drivers don’t feel safe picking up a hitch-hiker because THEY must be LOONEY!