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Never too young to fish

This Hooded Merganser mom supervises while the chicks fish to feed themselves.

[youtube https://youtu.be/lAOdu6E14f0]

Click on YouTube on the bottom-right of the video to watch it in a larger frame.

I can’t tell what the chick caught but I think he won.

Hoodie mom with chicks
Hoodie mom with chicks

Hooded Merganser Mom with 5 Chicks

Aren’t these little Hooded Merganser chicks the cutest!

merganser chicks following mom
Stick with mom!

The chicks seem to panic a little until mom resurfaces.

chicks panic when mom merganser dives
Where’d she go?!

She’s fishing for 6 now so the Hoody mom makes her dive count.  She comes up with a crawdad!

merganser mom eating crawdad with 5 chicks trailing
Mom’s got a crawdad for dinner!

Watch the video of the Hooded Merganser mom with her 5 chicks in tidewater of the Alsea River:

[youtube https://youtu.be/KzxBJXfQcLg]