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Alsea River Turkey Heron

Since the Alsea wild turkeys haven’t made it this far west yet, I’ll have to make up my own turkey.

great blue heron on alsea river

We have so many things to be grateful for; God, Jesus Christ and family are at the top of our list.


We miss the family who aren’t near and enjoy the family who are near (not pictured).


Sometimes our blessings are perfectly clear and other times we have to look for them in small places.


But one thing is obvious, we have more blessings than we could ever dream up.

A grateful person is rich in contentment.  An ungrateful person suffers in the poverty of endless discontentment (see Luke 12:15).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bird Wars

Dead carcasses in the river bring out the scavengers.

heron and gull
Heron and Gull compete for food

The seagull found the carcass submerged and waited patiently for the tide to go out so he could get to it.

heron and gull
Must be yummy!

Then the heron came.   The seagull gives him room but he doesn’t like it.

heron eating carcass
Heron wins this round

It was interesting to watch the back and forth of the heron and seagull.  Another gull came in before it was all over.  He found a piece submerged and tried to drag it to the island while the heron wasn’t looking.  When he lost it, he bobbed for it and the splashing sound caught the heron’s attention.  The gulls paddled away when the heron came closer to investigate.

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

The heron wouldn’t bother with the carcass that was submerged but if it was on land he’d eat it.

Giraffes on the Alsea River

We planted a tomato plant in each of our 2 Topsy Turvy containers.  As they started to grow I remembered why they are not a great idea.  The plant wants to grow up and the roots want to grow down.  So the roots seem to get root-bound around the base of the plant.  But we have wildlife that will eat the plant if we put it in the ground so this is our best bet….

so I thought…

Topsy Turvy Container
Topsy Turvy Container with Tomato


Topsy Turvy Container
Where’d the tomato plant go?

It was there earlier in the day!!  How/who could get to that plant to munch it off at the base?  That’s hanging about 14′ above the ground!

Chipmunk?  Giraffe?

Apple Blossoms

Well, at least we’ll have applesauce next fall; if Don can keep scaring the bears out of the tree.


I’ve seen this cute little muskrat a couple times and I saw a small river otter by himself a couple days ago.

I haven’t seen an elk in over a week.  I’m guessing they’ve retreated to the mountains to have their calves.  I think they can protect them better up there.

Scopin’ out the river

We saw this heron and an osprey have a little tiff over their fishing grounds.  The heron actually made a pass at the osprey.  I think the heron won.

Heron with Fish
Heron Caught a Fish




The birds were wild tonight!

I no sooner sat down at the counter for dinner when I saw an osprey dive into the river right in front of our window.  Don missed it because he was “washing his hands” in the other room.

So after we had dinner, I went outside to wait for the osprey to come back.  A bald eagle has been flying by every evening.  He doesn’t give us any warning though.  I mean, I’d like to have the camera positioned perfectly when he comes by.  It’s a reasonable request.

Okay, so, you know how long my attention span is…I guess I’ll try to get some planting done while waiting for something spectacular to happen in front of me.  Don says he’ll come out around 7:15 because that’s when the eagle flies by; so I’ve got about 20 minutes.

I set my camera down on the deck and get the shovel.  I’m looking at the ground and hear a big splash in the river.  I turn to see the osprey lift a fish out of the water right in front of me!  I yelled to Don in the house, “did you see the osprey?!”  Of course not, he was washing his hands again!

Heron on Alsea River
Heron on Alsea River

Well, now Don is staying out on the deck while I’m planting bulbs.  He’s manning the camera.  We saw this heron in the same spot last night.

So I got 50 bulbs planted on the hill down to the river and am back on the deck.  Don’s got buck fever with the camera.  I see some big wings flapping upriver and said, ‘hey!’ then noticed it was just the heron repositioning himself downriver.  But I made Don jump (and that always makes me laugh).

He took some pix of the merganser and yelled at the swallows for not flying low enough.

Then I saw a bird flying down the river and Don got ready with the camera – but it was a mallard.  Less than a minute later I saw the eagle coming!

He caught it in flight but we got better photos after he landed downriver.

Bald Eagle on Alsea River
Bald Eagle on Alsea River

We actually thought he’d just kept going until I noticed him in front of the next property.  We took photos of him until he left about 10 minutes later.  Bald eagles are such beautiful birds.

Moon Rise
Moon Rise

 Speaking of eagles landing…we’ve had clear skies lately so I’m sure there was a beautiful sunset from the beach.

But, here on the river near Blackberry Campground, we are enjoying the moonrise.

Windy West Coast Day

It’s been a little breezy the last couple days on Tillicum Beach.   Beautiful days though!

Sunset from Tillicum Site 18
Sunset from Tillicum Site 18

There weren’t any clouds to add to the sunset so I picked a campsite overlooking the beach.

Maybe I can catch the moonrise right after sunset.  I walked straight out to the wet sand to get out of the blowing sand as soon as possible.

Seagulls Hunkered Down
Seagulls Hunkered Down

I walked up the beach to the creek; hooded wind-breaker jacket cinched down around my face.  Camera tucked inside my jacket so it didn’t get sand blasted.


It was getting too dark to take photos and the moon still wasn’t in sight.  The wind was jostling me around so I couldn’t focus in the low light.

So I just walked back down the beach to the campground and crawled back into my warm little 5th wheel. 🙂

Camping Tip for the Weekend Before Labor Day

Just another incredible sunset last night; yyaaaawwwwnnn…


I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I gave up at 5, got up and decided to see if I could catch a sunrise.  I looked up the sunrise time for Yachats; 6:32am.  I killed some time by reading.  Then I put on my winter coat and walked out on the beach.  I walked up to the creek and it looked promising.  The eastern sky was getting brighter.

Where are you sun?
Where are you sun?

I was about 15 minutes early according to the published time.  I knew the sun would lag behind that official time but I didn’t know how long.  Then the fog began to lower on the horizon and I knew the sun wouldn’t be making an appearance anytime soon.  😦    So I got some foggy pix of the creek.

Fog Rising off Big Creek
Fog Rising off Big Creek

Ever walk into a room then stop and stare, trying to remember why you came in here?

Heron in Tillicum Beach Fog
Heron in Tillicum Beach Fog

I have rarely seen a heron on Tillicum Beach.  The fog must have grounded him?

Camping Tip for the weekend before Labor Day:

Okay, so, hopefully it’s not too late for you to use this tip this weekend.  Traditionally, the weekend BEFORE a holiday has lighter travel.  So, if you are a procrastinator, throw the tent in the car and GO camping today!  Even if you have to be back to work on Monday, it’s just as fun to camp for one night!

Half our campgrounds had openings last night.  We manage all the Forest Service campgrounds from milepost 23 on Hwy 34, west to Waldport, then south on Hwy 101 to Florence, Oregon.  The ones closest to the beach were full but there will be some openings in those today.

Workamping on the Central Oregon Coast

It drizzled all day yesterday.  So, I was surprised to see a little color out my window last evening.  I can’t believe they pay us to live at Tillicum Beach!  Well, okay, we DO work.  It’s not all just taking pix. 🙂
Red at night!
Red at night - Sailor's delight

Partly cloudy today – only 20% chance of rain.  That’s a great Saturday on the Oregon Coast in February.

Blue Heron
Blue Heron

 Alder and Dune lakes were stocked this week.  Time to go FISHING!

Alder Dune Campground is open year round.