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Wildflower Season

Before we started workamping I thought wildflower season lasted for about a month in the spring.

Lodgepole Campground, near Heber City, UT
Fancy Pink

But I learned something by spending 3 – 5 months in a campground.

Lodgepole Campground, near Heber City, UT
Bright and Delicate

I have been continually amazed at the wildflowers that bloom throughout the summer.

Lodgepole Campground, near Heber City, UT
Tiny Trumpets

No matter what part of the country we’re in, desert or mountains or rain forests, we seem to see a new variety of wildflower bloom every week!

Lodgepole Campground, near Heber City, UT
Just after the snowmelt

I guess the dates on the photos don’t really demonstrate my point.

Lodgepole Campground, near Heber City, UT
Giant White Columbine

But being a camp host is a busy job.

Lodgepole Campground, near Heber City, UT
Blue Bells

And these are just a few of the wildflowers from half a summer in Lodgepole Campground, near Heber City and Strawberry Lake in Utah.


Aspen Grove Campground, Strawberry Reservoir, near Heber City, UT

I have a few pix from our workamping gig, with American Land & Leisure, in the Strawberry Reservoir area near Heber City, UT, in 2010.

We didn’t work at Aspen Grove so the pix were taken before the season started; as you can tell by the bare aspen trees.

One couple works the campground and the area maintenance person also lives on-site.

You see much of the same wildflowers and wildlife here as in Lodgepole Campground; deer, moose, potguts (Uinta Ground Squirrel), hummingbirds, etc).

But if you’re looking for a campground on Strawberry that is smaller than the main one, Aspen Grove is lovely.  It is protected from the wind and the aspen provide shade from the high desert sun.  The campground overlooks the boat launch but American Land & Leisure does not operate it.

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There are about 60 campsites in Aspen Grove.  Some are reservable and some are first-come-first-served.  You can reserve a site up to 6 months in advance here: Recreation.Gov