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Harbor Seal Newborn Pup

New life is just a miracle to me.  I get excited when I see a newborn pup still having the umbilical cord because it tells me how new the newborn is.  The pups lose their umbilical cord at about 10 days old.

Umbilical cord on newborn seal pup
Umbilical cord on newborn seal pup

I just want to lay down and take a nap with them. 🙂

Harbor Seal Pups

The sandbar east of the Alsea Bay Bridge is a nursery for Harbor Seals this month.  The eagles and buzzards hang around a lot this time of year.

harbor seal pups
Lots of harbor seal pups are born on the central Oregon Coast around Mother’s Day

Pups nurse for 4 weeks on mom’s rich milk.

sloppy seal nursing
This one needs a bib

Pups learn their mothers voice.  Nap time is snuggle time.

seal mom and pup nuzzle
Mom and pup nuzzle while napping

Seal puppy kisses  🙂

seal pup kiss
Sweet puppy kisses

The pups lose their umbilical cord after about a week.  You can see this one’s bellybutton scar.

seal pup bellybutton
Pink bellybutton scar on seal pup

Here’s a cute video of mom and pup swimming and playing in the Alsea Bay.

[youtube https://youtu.be/qofLqWpVUrQ]