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Harbor Seal Newborn Pup

New life is just a miracle to me.  I get excited when I see a newborn pup still having the umbilical cord because it tells me how new the newborn is.  The pups lose their umbilical cord at about 10 days old.

Umbilical cord on newborn seal pup
Umbilical cord on newborn seal pup

I just want to lay down and take a nap with them. 🙂

Harbor Seal Pups

The sandbar east of the Alsea Bay Bridge is a nursery for Harbor Seals this month.  The eagles and buzzards hang around a lot this time of year.

harbor seal pups
Lots of harbor seal pups are born on the central Oregon Coast around Mother’s Day

Pups nurse for 4 weeks on mom’s rich milk.

sloppy seal nursing
This one needs a bib

Pups learn their mothers voice.  Nap time is snuggle time.

seal mom and pup nuzzle
Mom and pup nuzzle while napping

Seal puppy kisses  🙂

seal pup kiss
Sweet puppy kisses

The pups lose their umbilical cord after about a week.  You can see this one’s bellybutton scar.

seal pup bellybutton
Pink bellybutton scar on seal pup

Here’s a cute video of mom and pup swimming and playing in the Alsea Bay.

[youtube https://youtu.be/qofLqWpVUrQ]

Spring Wildlife

There are signs of spring everywhere on the Oregon Coast.  See the 2 grey dots between the one elk’s ears?  That’s the bull who recently shed his antlers.  I think the bulls lose their antlers just before birthing season so they can get in touch with their feminine side. They’re a little more humble without antlers.  🙂

Bull elk shed his antlers
Bull elk shed his antlers

The Canada Geese are pairing up and building their nests.  You can see them on the Alsea Bay and up the river.  Eckman Lake is a good place to see a lot of them on their nests.

Canada Geese beginning to nest
Canada Geese beginning to nest

The brown pelicans have been here for over a month now.  These were in Yachats.  Seagulls are here year-round.

Brown Pelicans fishing off Yachats River
Brown Pelicans fishing off Yachats River

This is looking at Waldport from the beautiful arch on the Alsea Bay Bridge.  It’s my favorite place to look for seal pups.

Alsea Bay Bridge, Waldport, OR
Alsea Bay Bridge, Waldport, OR

It’s common to see Pelagic Cormorants diving in the bay and coming up with nesting material.  They make nests under the bridge out of sight of all but the boaters.

Cormorant under Alsea Bridge
Cormorant under Alsea Bridge

There are wall-to-wall harbor seals but I didn’t see any babies on this day (Apr 10, ’15).  Seals are able to delay implantation after their egg is fertilized.  Now, how does their body know, 9 months ahead, when will be the best conditions for giving birth?  I have a lot of questions when I get to heaven!  🙂

Wall-to-wall seals in Alsea Bay
Wall-to-wall seals in Alsea Bay

These seals were finished with their nap and were crabbing near the base of the bridge.

Harbor Seals in Alsea Bay
Harbor Seals in Alsea Bay

Pop! Goes the Harbor Seal!

If you’ve ever been 9 months pregnant, I’m sure you can relate to this mama seal.  She just cooled off in the Alsea Bay and now she’s warming up in the sun.

Pregnant Harbor Seal
Pregnant Harbor Seal

I saw lots of new seal pups last Friday.  A lot of them were out of good range for my zoom lens.  An eagle came and sat on the beach for quite a while too.

harbor seals, pups and eagle
From the Alsea Bay Bridge, looking east

There were 3 or 4 pups close to the bridge.  They usually stick close to their moms.  Although I saw one swimming alone and wanted to warn him of the dangers.  When they swim with their moms, they nuzzle up to their moms often.  It reminds me of seeing young children in a grocery store with their moms; hanging onto her clothes or her leg.   When the seals are floating on the surface, the moms often tilt their head back.  I’ve seen them do it even when they are alone.  But when they have a pup, her baby kisses her nose.

harbor seal mom and pup
Seal mom and pup touch noses

Seals are much more comfortable moving in the water than on land.  Sea Lions can use their hind flippers to help move them on land but seals cannot.  This pup looked like he felt so free being in the water.  Click on the photo to enlarge it and you can see its umbilical cord!  One source says this indicates the pup is less than 10 days old.

harbor seal mom and pup
Pups just wanna have fun!


Harbor Seal Pupping Season

I heard it was pupping season on the Central Oregon Coast so I went out on the Alsea Bay Bridge to take some pix.  Apparently this pod of seals give birth later in the spring than some other pods because I did not see any suckling pups.  They are weaned at about 4 weeks old and I noticed that I took those pix the first week in June last year.  So, that means the pups are born in late April or early May.  An indicator that seals are being born is the increase on vultures and eagles flying overhead.

Pamperingcampers Blog

As I was taking pix of the seal nursery a couple days ago I was watching a mom and pup in the water.  He was very vocal.  He started whining when he was in the water.  I figured he was hungry.

I didn’t notice the tag at this point.  I was just watching them because the pup was so entertaining.  Like a whiney kid in a grocery store.  hahaha

They hauled out at the upper sandbar, just on the east side of the Alsea Bay Bridge.

I got busy taking pix of the others while she and her pup moved further onto the sand.  Then I noticed the tag and tried to get a clear shot of it.

I snapped the shot then looked on the camera display to zoom in.  I can see it says ‘A175’.

I love finding out the history on the wildlife.  I asked my friend what he…

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South Jetty Picnic

Every now and then we have to have a picnic at the South Jetty of Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon.  We picked up a sandwich and drink at Walmart along with the other groceries.

Tide going out - about 3pm
Tide going out – about 3pm

We just pick a spot near one of the jetties to watch the boats, seals and birds.  This was yesterday, Nov 13th.  There was a 12 foot change in the tide; which is a big change for this part of the Oregon coast.  High tide was about 11am at 10 feet.  Low tide will be about 5:45 at -2 feet.

South Jetty-lower tide
South Jetty-lower tide – about 4pm

This is the same spot (and some of the same seals) an hour later.  It’s fun to see how fast the level drops.  We watched a boat coming in that was hardly moving at all but sounded like the engine was almost maxed out.  It was really fighting the tide.

Harbor Seals goofing around
Harbor Seals goofing around

The seals were pretty active.  They’d lay on the surface and slap the water a few times.  Then they’d jump up out of the water and dive.  Is this the breeding season?

Diving birds - goofing around
Diving birds – goofing around

Some of the diving birds were pretty active too.  I keep thinking this is a loon, but haven’t looked it up yet.

Shrimp Boats
Shrimp Boats

I don’t know if this is a fishing boat or shrimp boat but there are huge nets in that big boat!

The Fog Rolls Out

It was foggy this morning on the central Oregon coast.

Overlooking Yachats from the South
Overlooking Yachats from the South

But then the fog bank rolled on out.

Yachats Harbor Seals
Yachats Harbor Seals

Even the harbor seals hauled out to enjoy the sun.

Our firewood vendor had a broken splitter.  Fortunately, we have some extra in another campground.  So we’re headed south to get a truck load to have on hand.

Beach Monster
Beach Monster

Back at the “ranch” – time for dinner then a walk on Tillicum Beach

That’s actually a California Beach Flea.  These things jump like jumping beans.  They jump high and far but they never stick the landing.  Seems like they land on anything but their feet.

Beach "Art"
Whale? Seal?

I never said I was an artist 🙂

Surfin' USA!
Surfin’ USA!

It looks a lot better in my imagination.  I’m sure it should stay there – lol

Tillicum Beach - Sunset Crowd
Tillicum Beach – Sunset Crowd

This is about as crowded as it gets on our beach.   Nice, huh?