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Oregon Coast Backyard Birds

We don’t see the grosbeaks all summer but they are here this week.  The Blackheaded grosbeaks are the most common.  The Evening grosbeaks are the most colorful.

The hummers stick around as soon as they find a feeder.

Male Rufous Hummingbird
Rufous Hummingbird – young male

The Tree Swallows are looking for a good place to nest.  This couple had a little chickadee chewing them out though.  So we don’t know if they raided the chickadee’s nest or if they were encroaching on each other’s territory.

Tree Swallows on dead tree

Goldfinches Found the Feeder

The goldfinches finally found our feeder!

Male Goldfinch
Male Goldfinch

 Our neighbors must have better tasting seed.  We’ve seen lots of them at their feeders.

If the goldfinches try to land on the other feeder, the grosbeaks chase them off.

Male Evening Grosbeak
Male Evening Grosbeak

Beauty doesn’t give you license to be mean.

Female Blackheaded Grosbeak
Female Blackheaded Grosbeak

She almost blends in with next year’s applesauce.

Happy Birthday Mom!