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Great Blue Heron on the Alsea River

The Great Blue Heron have been really skiddish; flying away at my slightest move or sound when I try to sneak up on one.  I watched and photo’d this one for a almost an hour from our deck.

great blue heron
Great Blue Heron are so graceful

 Then I figured if he left, I’d already gotten my photos so I quit trying to be so quiet.   He didn’t care when we were talking and even walking around the yard.  I mean, he still kept his distance; maybe 50 yards away.  But that is rare in my experience here.  Maybe we’ve made a friend!

great blue heron
He looks fluffy after a little preening

I was able to even catch him on video as he caught a fish.  Watch it on YouTube here:

[youtube https://youtu.be/haavQ8fs9JU]

Hip Waders

Great Blue Heron are born with permanent hip boots.  How would it be to walk without feeling your legs or feet?  I wonder if they feel but just don’t feel temperature?  I’ll have to learn Heron so I can ask one.

great blue heron in alsea river
Great Blue Heron

They are such graceful birds; moving slowly, waiting patiently for their prey.

great blue heron in alsea river
If there’s nothing here, he’ll just move on.

The chicks are raised and gone.  Keeping up their health and strength is their sole purpose in life this time of year.  Well, that and to provide beauty for humans.  I doubt he/she is even aware of that purpose.  Otherwise I’d be able to get closer with my camera….and practice my heronish