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Great Blue Heron on the Alsea River

The Great Blue Heron have been really skiddish; flying away at my slightest move or sound when I try to sneak up on one.  I watched and photo’d this one for a almost an hour from our deck.

great blue heron
Great Blue Heron are so graceful

 Then I figured if he left, I’d already gotten my photos so I quit trying to be so quiet.   He didn’t care when we were talking and even walking around the yard.  I mean, he still kept his distance; maybe 50 yards away.  But that is rare in my experience here.  Maybe we’ve made a friend!

great blue heron
He looks fluffy after a little preening

I was able to even catch him on video as he caught a fish.  Watch it on YouTube here:

[youtube https://youtu.be/haavQ8fs9JU]

Hip Waders

Great Blue Heron are born with permanent hip boots.  How would it be to walk without feeling your legs or feet?  I wonder if they feel but just don’t feel temperature?  I’ll have to learn Heron so I can ask one.

great blue heron in alsea river
Great Blue Heron

They are such graceful birds; moving slowly, waiting patiently for their prey.

great blue heron in alsea river
If there’s nothing here, he’ll just move on.

The chicks are raised and gone.  Keeping up their health and strength is their sole purpose in life this time of year.  Well, that and to provide beauty for humans.  I doubt he/she is even aware of that purpose.  Otherwise I’d be able to get closer with my camera….and practice my heronish

Knee Deep

When the Alsea River is running fast and high the ducks rest in field puddles.

field puddle with ducks
Field Puddle

In addition to mallards we’ve seen mergansers and scaups.  It’s not a very deep puddle. They are probably walking instead of paddling.

We’ve wondered if the diving ducks get their pointy bill stuck in the ground when they dive.  🙂

mallards in field puddles

These heron are usually on dry ground in Lint Slough, in Waldport, Oregon.  But with some good rains and high tides last week they were wading in the water.

Herons on Lint Slough
Herons on Lint Slough

Some found a dry patch.

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

Their colors seem more vibrant than usual.  Maybe it’s their breeding plumage?

Great Blue Heron - Lint Slough
Heron showing his colors

One of my favorite workamping benefits is observing the local wildlife.


Oregon Coast Snow Day – Alsea River


It doesn’t happen here often so we get really excited about it.

great blue heron
Weather Heron

This is how I can tell it’s snowing.  Our weather heron has snow all over him.

Snowing on the Alsea River near Blackberry Campground
Snowing on the Alsea River near Blackberry Campground

About 6 inches, I’m guessing?

bird feeder in snow
6 inches of snow in the bird feeder

We threw some seed where they could get to it without being shoulder-deep in the snow.


I’m just sorry I’m up the Alsea River, this year, and can’t get to the coast to see snow on the beach.

I’m glad I have an indoor job today:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVEYV6xdStI

Winter Birding

Winter is a great time for birding – especially if you live in a migratory pathway.

Ring-necked ducks

We get to see different birds in the winter than in the summer months.  The scaups aren’t too common this far up the Alsea River.  I’m not sure if these are the Greater or Lesser Scaups.

Male Common Merganser
Male Common Merganser

Common Mergansers aren’t as common as their name implies; at least on our section of the river.  I love the stark, contrasting, colors on the male mergansers.

Heron and Hoodies
Heron and Hoodies share a fishing spot

A Great Blue Heron was fishing out in front this morning.  His Hooded Merganser friends did a drive-by to check out why he was there.

I snapped a couple photos through the window; knowing that the heron would quickly leave when I opened the window or door for a better shot.

mallard ducks
Mallards – Bottoms Up!

By the liiiiiiiiight of the silvery mooooooooon….

I hear that song in my head every time I see the mallards feeding 🙂

Birds on the Alsea River

Aside from a peek or two of mom with their babies, I haven’t seen the hooded mergansers since they disappeared to their nesting grounds in April.  It’s nice to see them back!  This male was with a female.  I guess our part of the Alsea is their feeding grounds.  I see he caught a small crawdad.

Male Hooded Merganser
Male Hooded Merganser

Osprey, Pileated Woodpeckers and Great Blue Herons were also scarce over the summer.  They, too are coming back to a favorite feeding spot.

Osprey in flight
Pileated Woodpecker
Pileated Woodpecker

Can you see the small burl on the opposite side of the tree from Woody?

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron looks more grey than blue.  But when he spreads his wings there is a wide band that is the same color as his head; which looks bluish to me.

Great Blue Heron – Hunting

I’m not hunting the Great Blue Heron.  The heron is hunting for his meal; although I guess that’s called foraging.

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

I was working in our yard and didn’t even notice when it came to my part of the Alsea River until I took a break.

Great Blue Heron
Sneakin’ and Peakin’

They usually startle easily but this one didn’t mind me moving around.  Maybe it’s a young one?

Great Blue Heron

He finds one yummy minnow after another.

Great Blue Heron
Moseyin’ On

They walk so gracefully.