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Signs of Spring

The signs of spring are everywhere!

My neighbor calls these flowers a honeysuckle.  I finally saw these for sale at the local market!  They are Azaleas.  They smell so pretty!


The Common Mergansers are starting their courting.  The female mergansers seem the most aggressive.  Females chase off other females when they get too close to the man she likes.  The guys don’t seem to care who is close.  Sometimes the males just swim away from all the drama but sometimes they like to watch the girl-fight.

For Pete’s sake Mabel, fix your hair!

I’ve seen several male mallards but no females yet.


Here’s a lone Hooded Merganser female.  It seems like the hoodies courtship season comes a little later.


Cape Perpetua Picture Guides

I love the people we workamp with!  They come from such varied backgrounds.

Tom Bright put together these picture guides, in pdf, when he and wife Cindy worked in Cape Perpetua Campground for the last two summers.

Tom also volunteered as a Tidepool Guide.

Take your pick or download all these interpretive guides for free.  The last one is a complete guide that contains all the others.

The file size is listed on the caption.  Click on the following photos to download the guides:

Cape Perpetua Campground Animals
Campground Animals (939 kb)
Cape Perpetua Campground Berries
Campground Berries (1 mb)
Cape Perpetua Campground Birds
Campground Birds (1.23 mb)
Cape Perpetua Tidepool Animals
Tidepool Animals (1.11 mb)
Cape Perpetua Tidepool Plants
Tidepool Plants (1.29 mb)
Cape Perpetua Picture Guide
Complete Guide (5.97 mb)