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First day of winter – Oregon Coast

It was 50F today!  Not bad for the first day of winter!

bob creek wayside
Walk on the beach at high tide

We grabbed a sandwich from Subway and ate it at Bob Creek Wayside, between Cape Perpetua Scenic Area and Heceta Lighthouse.  A couple seals were feeding in the cove and kept an eye on the beach-walkers.

Bob Creek Wayside
Looking south from Bob Creek Wayside

Lots of seafoam and clouds remain from the storm that blew through last night.

Waves at Bob Creek
Waves at Bob Creek

Some pretty good wave-action too.

Hwy 101 north of Florence, OR
Hwy 101 north of Florence, OR

Beautiful view of Baker Beach from the top of the hill coming down from Sea Lion Caves on Hwy 101.

Rhody Days Are Comin’

The rhododendrons smell as purdy as they look!  I’m sure glad the deer don’t eat them.

Dark Pink Rhody
Dark Pink Rhody

 Sutton and Alder Dune campgrounds are a great place to stay for Rhody Days in Florence, Oregon – May 17th

Wisteria in the Pink Rhodies
Wisteria in the Pink Rhodies

I love wisteria!  It’s so delicate and graceful looking.

Said the spider to the fly
…said the spider to the fly

I still don’t know if these are a dwarf Rhody or something else.

But look what I happened upon!  Are spiders chameleons?  Or is there a different variety of spider for each color of flower?

Anytime I see a spider on a flower it is exactly the color of the flower.

Nature is SO cool!   Heavenly Father is an artist!

A Stellar Day on the Oregon Coast

Sutton Campground is in the coastal forest area at the north end of the sand dunes that Florence is so well-known for.

I’m not sure if it’s in the 2nd or 3rd growth period of the huge trees that Oregon is also well-known for.  But I am always intrigued by the layers of growth here in Oregon.  Not only does moss grow on trees, but ferns grow out of the moss.  Here you can see that 2 trees are growing on the dead tree that fell (probably) decades ago.

Dead Trees Provide Life
Dead Trees Provide Life

Sea Lion Caves rolled back the prices for their Founder’s Day celebration yesterday (Apr 27).  And what a beautiful day to be on the Oregon Coast!

Stellar Sea Lions
Stellar Sea Lions

Tokatee Klootchman State Natural Site is a small parking area along Hwy 101 of the Central Oregon Coast.  It’s about 16 miles north of Florence.  We watched whales feeding here last summer.

Tokatee Klootchman, Oregon Coast
Walk around the left side of the sign

Access a narrow path to the beach by walking around the fence to the left of the sign.  Always lock your valuables in your trunk.

Trail to the Beach
Trail to the Beach

If you are a horror movie fan, you may recognize a house used in an 80’s horror flick.

Beach from Tokatee Klootchman
Beach from Tokatee Klootchman

Back up the Alsea Hwy, just out of Waldport, the geese are starting to pair up and make their nests on the bay side of the Eckman Lake causeway.

Eckman lake, Waldport
Canada Geese – Eckman Lake, Waldport, Oregon


Living on the Edge

The front edge of the fog was right on the shoreline today.

Heceta Head Lighthouse - Fog
Where are you Heceta?

Not exactly the best for whale watching.

Heceta Head Lighthouse - Fog
There you are!

I was enjoying the drive south from Waldport, going in and out of the fog as we travelled down Hwy 101.

Hwy 101 - North of Florence
Hwy 101 – North of Florence

But this is the last of the view for a while so we pulled over for another couple of photos.

California Goldenrod North of Florence
California Goldenrod North of Florence

A couple weeks ago the California Goldenrod was a bright yellow.  Now it has settled into a nice golden color.

Yachats State Park
Yachats State Park

On our way back from Florence, we stopped at Yachats State Park to see what we could see out in the deep blue sea.

Yachats River from Yachats State Park
Yachats River from Yachats State Park

Besides seeing the edge of the fog on the edge of the sea…

Not Brandt Geese
Black Brant Geese

We see a flock of about 50 Black Brants.  They looked pretty relaxed until they saw (or heard) an osprey flying above them.  It didn’t take them long to clear out.  What was amazing is that it only took them about 3 seconds from the first signal to all of them flying in formation out to sea.

Alsea Bay Fog Bank Rolls Out
Alsea Bay – Now you see it

One more stop in Waldport before we head up the Alsea River.

Alsea Bay Fog Bank Rolls In
Now you don’t

Sunny Outlook

If you can’t find a sunny spot in your day, you’re not watching for it.

Oregon Coast at Rock Creek Campground
Sunny Spot in a Cloudy Day

And it’s definitely easier to find if you go looking for it rather than waiting for it to come to you.

We found our bright spot, today, on Hwy 101 along the central Oregon coast at Rock Creek Campground north of Florence, OR.

Oregon Coast – Last Day of 2012

Just a quick jaunt between Tillicum Campground, near Yachats, and Sutton Campground, near Florence.

Yesterday was bright and sunny and today it’s cloudy again.  But we didn’t get rain showers until after noon.

A perfect day on the Oregon Coast and a perfect end to 2012.

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Sudsy Ocean

I don’t think it is as windy on the Oregon coast today.  This was what we found yesterday.

The wind was really whipping up the foam.  We had to pull off Hwy 101 at Bob Creek Wayside, between Yachats and Florence, to get some photos.

Bob Creek Park Bench
Bob Creek Park Bench

I don’t think the park bench was sat on that day.  The wind was blowing the foam through the air like snow (only up).  That’s foam on the grass.

A Sea of Foam
A Sea of Foam

See that large area in the middle of the photo that is solid white?  That’s foam that is about 1-1/2 to 2 feet deep.  The wind was creating waves on it so it looked like it was flowing.  Too bad I’m too cheap to upgrade my WordPress so I could post the video. 🙂  You’ll have to imagine it.

Bob Creek Waves

The waves were really crashing.  What a great spectacle!  I kept wanting to turn to face the wind to get a photo of the foam flying but didn’t want it to mess up my camera.

BobCreek SeaFoam-2

I finally got brave.  I jumped out, tried to hide behind the truck, clicked the shot and splat!  A small bubble-cluster hit the lens and my face.  I think I got it all off safely though.

We lost power at our house about 9pm last night.  So, a couple hours of Rummikub then off to bed.  The power came back on about 2:30am.  (I didn’t notice but someone did.)  The report said it affected everything from Ona Beach south to Waldport and up the Alsea River to the town of Alsea.

Fun times on the Oregon coast!