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First day of winter – Oregon Coast

It was 50F today!  Not bad for the first day of winter!

bob creek wayside
Walk on the beach at high tide

We grabbed a sandwich from Subway and ate it at Bob Creek Wayside, between Cape Perpetua Scenic Area and Heceta Lighthouse.  A couple seals were feeding in the cove and kept an eye on the beach-walkers.

Bob Creek Wayside
Looking south from Bob Creek Wayside

Lots of seafoam and clouds remain from the storm that blew through last night.

Waves at Bob Creek
Waves at Bob Creek

Some pretty good wave-action too.

Hwy 101 north of Florence, OR
Hwy 101 north of Florence, OR

Beautiful view of Baker Beach from the top of the hill coming down from Sea Lion Caves on Hwy 101.

Rhody Days Are Comin’

The rhododendrons smell as purdy as they look!  I’m sure glad the deer don’t eat them.

Dark Pink Rhody
Dark Pink Rhody

 Sutton and Alder Dune campgrounds are a great place to stay for Rhody Days in Florence, Oregon – May 17th

Wisteria in the Pink Rhodies
Wisteria in the Pink Rhodies

I love wisteria!  It’s so delicate and graceful looking.

Said the spider to the fly
…said the spider to the fly

I still don’t know if these are a dwarf Rhody or something else.

But look what I happened upon!  Are spiders chameleons?  Or is there a different variety of spider for each color of flower?

Anytime I see a spider on a flower it is exactly the color of the flower.

Nature is SO cool!   Heavenly Father is an artist!