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peep peep peeP peEP PEEP!

We’re starting to hear the Flicker chicks learning the language.  The parent sits high in a nearby tree and makes a quiet call.  Then the chick pokes his head out of the hole and quietly calls back.

Flicker Dad Feeding Chick
Flicker Dad Feeding Chick

Is that a little color I see on his cheek?

flicker colors on chick
See the black collar and red cheek

As they get louder it will get more annoying I’m sure.  The parents have started drilling on our roof again – well on our rain gutters.  They must like the noise it makes?  Or they are entertained by my reaction.  I open the door to scare them away but sometimes I don’t know which side of the house they are on so it takes me a few minutes.

bird chick begging for food
Mom, I’m hungry Mom, Mom

I don’t know what kind of birds these are…other than the one on the right is the parent.  The one on the left stops peeping for maybe a total of 2 minutes during the day, 2 seconds at a time.  He fortunately sleeps at night.

bird chick desparate for food from mom
Don’t go! I’m still hungry!

And then he panics.

I’ve heard it said that we go through the teen years so that our parents will have an easier time letting us go when it is time for us to be on our own.

Maybe this is how it happens in the bird world.

The Flicker Chicks

No, they’re not a new country girl band.

flicker chicks
Mom feeding chicks

We finally got a peek at the flicker chicks today!

Dad feeds 3 chicks
1 -2 -3 beaks

I counted 3 open mouths that Daddy Flicker was feeding.

flicker dad preening
Dad you look fine. I’m hungry!

Dad seemed to get a little nonchalant about feeding time.

flicker chicks
Hey! That’s my head!

I noticed Mom Flicker reach in past the 2 in the front to make sure all got their fair share.  But this guy got a little too eager.   hahaha

These photos were taken near Blackberry Campground on the Alsea River in Tidewater, Oregon.