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Seal vs Fish – Alsea River, Oregon

Oh boy – those harbor seals are wreaking havoc with our fish!

Watch this video:  https://youtu.be/IgT0diRd6EE


Great Blue Heron Meal Rescued

I was wandering around the Alsea River at low tide today; just exploring and being fascinated by how time can shape a rock.

rock erosion
Small rock over time makes hole bigger

rock-holes-3 rock-holes-4

A Great Blue Heron flew in and landed upstream looking for lunch.

great blue heron
Great Blue Heron

Then I stumbled onto a land-locked lamprey eel.  Hhhmmm…must be what he’s looking for?

lamprey eel
Lamprey Eel

Upon Don’s suggestion, I tossed him over to another pool so he could escape into the river.

[youtube https://youtu.be/QKyu6I5z4do]

Sorry, Mr Heron, but I don’t mind if you eat this little guy:

garter snake
Garter Snake

Big Texas Skies

This has been such a busy and fun Christmas season visiting my amazing parents in Texas.

oak tree against sunset colors
Sailor’s Delight

I’ve had so much fun with them that I’ve neglected taking photos.  As I was outside running a couple errands though, the sunset colors of the big Texas sky caught my attention and I just had to stop.

Christmas trees make great fish habitat in the lake
Christmas trees make great fish habitat in the lake

As long as I had my camera and ditching my duties…I kept clicking…Walmart was selling leftover Christmas trees last week for 2 cents each so we got a baker’s dozen for fish habitat.  If more would have fit in the truck, we would have gotten more.  My brother wanted to know if we tried to talk them down in price. 😉  These will give those bass a reason to hang around.

"The Puzzler" (Norman Rockwell-style)
“The Puzzler” (Norman Rockwell-style)

Mom’s puttering around in the kitchen and Dad’s at the puzzle table.

Moon Rise over Houston County Lake
Moon Rise over Houston County Lake

And a beautiful full moon over the lake while steaks wait for the football game to end.

Goodnight big TX sky!

We’re sunk!

I think somebody lost a boat to the Alsea River overnight.  The boat was almost full of water but still fully visible around 7:30 yesterday morning.  But by 8:30am it was all the way under the water.

submerged boat in alsea river
Hanging on

Not much can be done to rescue it at this point.  They just have to hope the rope to the anchor holds until the water goes down.

The rain raised the river about 3 feet higher than expected.  Rain filled the driftboat and sunk it.  You can barely see the end tip bobbing on the surface in the photo below (on the left near the willows).

submerged boat in alsea river
Before dark

The boat was still hanging on before dark settled in last night.  But it is nowhere to be seen this morning.  Not Fun!  😦

I wonder how fast a sunken aluminum boat will move down a river?  And what could possibly stop it?

Eagle Bait

As Don came back from fishing he saw a salmon carcass on the riverbank.

alsea river fishing
Fishing on the Alsea in Curly’s boat

So he moved it over to the island in hopes of attracting in some birds.

dead salmon - eagle bait
Eagle Bait

We were surprised that nothing even seemed to look at it for a whole day.  Even the few seagulls in the area seemed to ignore it.  But this morning someone is eyeing the prize…

bald eagle
3 year old Bald Eagle

This young bald eagle hasn’t tasted it yet.  But he’ll be back.

Stormy Day on the Alsea River

We had high wind warnings today.  No damage done here and electricity stayed on.  It was mostly gusty and rainy.

fall colors alsea river
Fall colors on the Alsea River

 I am grateful for a talented husband who built a cover over our deck!  I enjoyed the sound of the wind rushing across the hilltops through the trees and watching it ruffle the surface of the Alsea River.

king fishing the alsea
These are NOT fair-weather fisher-people

We did only see one boat on the river today though.

western grebe
A lone Western Grebe

This was the first time in a while that I’ve seen a Western Grebe here.

Pied-billed Grebe
Pied-billed Grebe

The Pied-billed Grebe is becoming my favorite duck.  They are just so dang cute!  We’ve had 2 hanging around for the last several days.  They keep their distance from each other so sometimes I have to really watch to know whether there are 2 or just one.  I haven’t heard their call but I’ve read it is pretty loud.

New fishing pier at Nelson State Park

Look how pretty!

Nelson State Park - new dock
Nelson State Park – new dock

They put in a new fishing pier/dock last week at Nelson State Park.  It’s gorgeous…and big!

Nelson State Park is the little wayside at Eckman Lake near Waldport on the Alsea River.  It’s one of the places they have the free fishing day for kids in early June.