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Nursing Elk

From a distance, in a herd of elk, it is sometimes hard to distinguish the yearlings from the newest calves after they’ve lost their spots.  But there is one time when it is obvious.

Click/tap to watch the video here:  Roosevelt Elk nursing her calf

Roosevelt Elk nursing her calf
Roosevelt Elk nursing her calf

Landscaping Crew – the Elks

The elk landscaping crew was here early this morning.  No, not the organization – the animal

Elk Landscaping Crew
Elk Landscaping Crew

They were making their way up the road – trimming the blackberries off the road.  There’s a yearling bull with a nice start to his antlers.  He’ll just have spikes this year.

elk - smaller spikes
Younger bull – smaller spikes

I’m guessing this one was born later in the season, so his spikes aren’t as big?

elk yard crew
Elk Yard Crew

Looks like they’ll take care of the weeding in the rose bed next.

elk in rosebed
Weeding the roses

I kinda wish they’d do some mowing – or at least eat the dandelions.

elk in apple tree
Trimming up the apple tree

But at least they are trimming the apple tree so it doesn’t smack us in the head when WE mow.

elk smelling apple on tree
This one smells good

Hey!  No snacking on the job!

elk eating apple off tree
Tastes good too!

No wonder I have to use a ladder to get any apples.

elk calves - spots almost all faded
Spots are fading

These are the twins.  I think one eats better than the other.  I can just barely make out some spots on the one in the foreground.

We tried to find elk to show our friends who were visiting this week.  The times when we did see them, there was no place to pull off the road to watch them.  Wildlife doesn’t really show up on our schedule.  It’s like going to a mall once a year to find a great sale – you may see one and you may not.

These photos were taken near Blackberry Campground on the Alsea River near Waldport, Oregon.