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Oregon Coast – Total Solar Eclipse – 2017

That was SO fun!  I’m going to be watching reruns (from other photographers) for a long time.  Below is a slideshow of my stills and then a video of the total part of the solar eclipse.  In the slideshow, the totality occurred right after the perfect smile, then the sun came out on the right side of the moon.

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See my video below of the total solar eclipse.  (I do not have a DSLR camera.)  We got to see the corona but the camera didn’t capture it as it looked with the naked eye.

August 2017 Solar Eclipse Apocolypse

Interested in the real science behind a solar eclipse?  Watch this video to be prepared:

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#fakenews  –  One sign of fake news is a misspelling.  Apocolypse is spelled Apocalypse.