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Goose Herding for Mother’s Day

These Canada Geese parents make herding a gaggle of goslings look pretty easy!

canada geese with 7 chicks
7 goslings stick close

The chicks really blend into the grass so I had to wait until they took to the water to get a good pic.  This couple has 7!  I combined the rest of the pix into a YouTube slideshow below.  One or both the parents swam with their head down.  It looked like they were protecting the chicks from the other geese but I’m not sure.  I read that several couples gather together after the chicks hatch.  This is called a creche.  I wonder if geese in one creche protect the chicks from geese in another creche?

[youtube https://youtu.be/FjwtPVepIvs]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Nesting Canada Geese

The Canada Geese are back on the Central Oregon Coast!

Canada Geese on Alsea River at Eckman Lake
Marsh on Alsea River at Eckman Lake

We like watching them gather in the marshy grass flats on the river side of Eckman Lake near Waldport.

Canada Geese in tall grass
Tall grass is good for nesting

There’s lots of food and easy access to slow-moving water; good for teaching the kiddos to swim.  And the grass is tall enough to hide the nest.

Canada Geese in tall grass
Peek-a-boo or Whack-a-goose

In fact, its tall enough to hide Mom and Dad in.  Who knows how many geese are in there!